About Us

Lotus Contracting Services is doing business as Lotus Services, and is a majority woman owned company that was established in 2015. Although the company itself is new, the owners of the company have over 30 years of industry experience.

The company was built with the dream of setting a new standard in the restoration industry. A standard of integrity, honesty and compassion. Lotus Services is unique as they stand by their belief that not every loss necessitates an insurance claim. We represent quality, integrity and prompt professional services to customers in need. We understand that damage to an individual’s home or business is a stressful and emotional experience, and we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to help our customers through this trying time. We understand that while not all calls that come into our office will need our services today, we go the extra mile to assist them in any way we can because there may be a time in the future where our paths cross again.

The company name was chosen with great care and the name Lotus holds a deep meaning into the company’s core values. The Lotus flower is associated with a victory of the spirit over that of wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. The Lotus flower is flexible yet strong and represents an awakening or recovery.

“With over 30 years of experience in the construction, abatement and water mitigation industries, we have risen above the muck and the mud such as the Lotus flower and are committed to making a community and industry difference” – Lotus Services