How to Handle Biohazard Waste in your Arizona Facility

Medical facilities and medical research centers have to pay attention to biohazardous waste. This waste contains active biological agents that pose a risk to the general population if exposed to the environment. The parasites, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms should be destroyed before the matter comes into contact with the environment. Here are four main types of bio-waste and ways it should be handled.

Bio Hazard, Bio-hazardous

Biological Hazard Professional in Protective Clothing

Solid biohazard waste
Solid bio-waste includes any item that has come into contact with animal or human specimens such as body fluids and tissues, but it is not sharp. Some of the sold bio-waste includes personal protective equipment, pipettes, petri-dish, linens, towels and any containers that are used to hold the specimens.

The solid waste is collected in a container with an autoclave bag lining. The container should have a lid and a biohazard symbol. You can decontaminate the waste through autoclaving on site and dispose of it as regular medical waste.

Liquid hazardous waste
This waste generally includes body fluids and blood contaminated with infectious organisms. This includes any solutions that may contain organisms. Any liquid below 25 ml can just be disposed of as solid waste.

All liquid bio-hazard waste should be disposed of in leak-proof containers that are safeguarded against tipping over.; the primary container is placed in a larger second container to make the disposal more secure you can dispose of the liquid waste by leaching it with chemical solutions or liquid cycle autoclaving. You may need specialized disposal if the liquids contain a mixture of some chemicals and body fluid.

Sharp biohazard waste
This type of waste includes any sharp medical device that can puncture the skin and has come into contact with potentially infectious organisms. Such waste includes saw blades, microscope slides, scalpels, broken glass vials and needles.

Dispose of this waste in containers that are resistant to puncture, leakage and those that can be handled safely. All sharp devices should be disposed of this way whether or not they have come across the hazardous waste.

Pathological waste
This waste contains removed the animal or human tissues, organs or body parts exposed to infection. Take care of potential leaks by double bagging the waste and storing it just like the liquid waste. This waste is incinerated or treated with chemicals.

Use a professional biohazard waste cleanup contractor in Arizona to handle clean up if there is a leak in your facility. This way, you will reduce the risk of the staff handling infectious organisms. The professional cleaning firm also advises on ways to prevent future leaks.

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Advantages of Hiring an Expert Asbestos Removal Agency

If you live in the Phoenix or Gilbert, AZ area and you own a home that is older than 1990, then you may have asbestos in your house. Asbestos is a mineral that is found in many insulations, wall compounds, and other home building products. When disturbed, the mineral turns to dust that is easy to breathe in setting the stage for health problems later in life included asbestosis and many cancers.

asbestos removal arizona

In-depth knowledge of how to safely cordon off an area for safe removal

Using our Scottsdale asbestos company ensures that you get rid of the dangers of asbestos in your home properly. To eliminate the issues of airborne contaminants, quarantining the affected area while clean up is in progress is recommended. Tenting the area reduces the chance that contaminants affect clean areas of the property. It keeps household members safe because the dust is not getting into the air.

Tempe AZ asbestos removal services

  • Asbestos identification
  • Quarantine services
  • Free estimates
  • Emergency services
  • Asbestos removal
  • Secure disposal
  • Cleaning and repair services
  • Decontamination for adjacent zones and immediate work areas
  • Asbestos removal consultation

Peace of mind with a Chandler AZ asbestos removal expert

When you hire a specialist to take care of asbestos on your property, you can be assured that the job is in the care of someone highly trained and skilled to deal with a cancer-causing agent.

Our specialists have the proper equipment like suits and masks to keep the lungs from getting exposure from the contaminants in the air during demolition and vacuums with advanced HEPA filtration. A quality Tempe asbestos removal firm has the training and equipment to provide a full removal of asbestos and repair the affected areas. You never have to worry about complying with local regulations regarding the removal and disposal of carcinogenic agents like asbestos when you let an expert remediation firm take care of the problem for you.

Whether you realize you have problems with asbestos or not, Realty Times says it is a great idea to seek the services of an expert testing and asbestos removal agency for older homes. Saving your family and co-workers from exposure to a dangerous mineral is a top priority for our expert Phoenix AZ metro asbestos removal company. For more information about our asbestos services, please call 480-500-5481.

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Know a Few Basic Facts Related to Water Damage in Tempe

You usually don’t know anything about mold until a flood occurs. Then, you want to know everything about water damage in general. Know the basics to plan for a flood in the future or to deal with an existing one. If you have Water Damage in Tempe, AZ this is what you need to know!

Water Damage Fans at Tempe, AZ job

Mildew vs. Mold

Know the differences between mold and mildew so that you deal with the problem properly. Mold and mildew are both unsightly fungi that appear in watery homes. Mold is more widely discussed because it appears in more colors and forms like black mold. In addition to walls and ceilings, it appears as a fuzz on different foods. Mildew is a powdery substance that grows in bathrooms and on certain clothing. Overall, both fungi are unwanted substances that grow in moisture-rich areas.

Undetected Water Damage

There is unknown water damage that creeps into cracks and causes destruction behind the walls. Pockets of water become trapped and impossible to find without special leak detection devices. Not treating trapped water is likely to cause more damages and repairs.

Hidden Mold

It’s common to find homes with mold growing inside of the walls. You only know that the mold exists when you pull back the structures and see large patches of it. If the smell does not give it away, there are few ways of knowing that it exists.

You may assume that fungus cannot thrive in a dark, isolated area, but it grows wherever there is moisture. Hidden mold is harder to treat and more likely to become black mold that threatens the health of people nearby.

Water damage does not discriminate in any household. Mildew appears on tile and porcelain, while mold shows up on wood, walls and furniture. There are leaks that hide behind walls and only appear as water stains on the walls. When the leak is detected, the damage is extensive and irreversible. To protect your home, know the facts about common water damage so that you find the best ways to treat it.

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When Water Damage Turns to Mold, What Do You Do?

Mold is a threat to the structural integrity of a building and can pose hazardous health problems for anyone who lives or works in the building. While it is possible to clean your home or business yourself, you run the risk of spreading mold spores and exacerbating the problem if you are unfamiliar with mold cleanup. At Lotus Contracting Services, we are proud to serve Arizonians by helping them eliminate mold and remove hazardous living conditions.
water damage

Mold Removal Comes First

Before we can restore the wall, floorboard, trim and other interior structures, we must first remove the mold. We will tear out any pieces that are severely infected with mold and use a strong custom-made cleaning solution to remove less severe cases that have not infected the structural integrity of your home or business. It is impossible to remove all mold throughout a home (because mold spores can come in via pets, clothing and windows), but we will remove all visible mold and thoroughly clean all surrounding areas. We will ensure that your mold problem does not repeat itself and is not hazardous to your loved ones.

Mold Restoration Comes Second

Identifying where the water came from is vital to protecting your home or business against future mold problems. We need to know where the water came from so that we can fix the leak, reroute the plumbing or perform other services to make it impossible for the water to come back. Without restoring the area, the water will come back and so will your mold. Our mold restoration services also includes replacing any of the building materials that were removed such as drywall, wooden beams or trim areas.

Final Cleaning Comes Last

Before we leave any home or business after providing mold remediation services, we will perform a final cleaning. This is important because mold spores can exist in the area after cleaning and we want to make sure that we use a variety of air purifiers that can filter out the tiniest mold spores. You can rest assured that our services will leave your home free of mold for good.

In Arizona and in need of mold removal services? Contact us at 480-500-5481. We serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and the surrounding area. Mold is a hazardous health problem and a disaster for building structures when left untreated. Don’t make the mistake of “waiting” to address the problem, call us today and let us help.

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How Mold from Untreated Water Damage Can Make You Sick

Mold can be a huge problem—even in Arizona that is known for its arid climate. However, monsoonal weather and other conditions have made homes in Arizona susceptible to mold. Mold spores fly throughout the air, searching for a suitable place to grow. Regular cleaning, HVAC maintenance and adequate air ventilation can help prevent mold, but there are times you will need professional help because mold is especially troublesome to get rid of. Consider the ways mold can make you and your family severely ill.

Mold on Walls, Mold Damage on Ceiling


Mold affects the body like other types of allergies because your body can’t distinguish between this type of foreign body and others, like viruses or bacteria. You may suffer from these symptoms if mold is present in your home: sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, coughing, stuffy nose, sinus infection or dry skin. It’s important to note that mold can grow in hidden places, like behind the walls. You could be suffering from mold without knowing that you have mold in your home. That’s why it’s better to get your home tested for it and take other precautionary measures.


Asthma, itself, is a reaction to allergens, which includes mold. This can be dangerous, depending upon the degree of asthma you or a family member has. However, people who haven’t been diagnosed with asthma in the past can suddenly suffer from attacks. If you suffer from wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and chest tightness, you could have asthma. If you have mold in your home, you could suffer and asthma attack at any moment.

Sinus Infections

Recurrent allergic reactions can create sinusitis. As air is blocked off to certain areas of the sinuses, bacteria can and will thrive. However, having fungus in the sinuses can create allergic fungal sinusitis. If you have a sinus infection out of the blue, it could be from mold.

People don’t think allergies are a big deal, but the truth is that while the body is fighting off mold spores, it is weaker and more susceptible to other types of sicknesses. People with mold in their homes often suffer from ill-like symptoms, viruses and bacteria throughout the year from a weakened immune system. Other reactions, such as rashes, can also occur when mold is present. It’s important to maintain the home to avoid mold, but you should seek the help of a mold remediation company to thoroughly get rid of the mold in your home.

If you think you have a mold issue Call our Mold Experts at 480-500-5481 today for a FREE Estimate!

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3 Factors to Determine Arizona Water Damage & Steps to Fix It

Water damage is experienced when we have water on areas that water is not wanted. Water damage is a common occurrence in Arizona due to flash floods. In case you experience a water damage, you should ensure that there is an immediate response to the floodwater.

Factors that will determine the extent of water damage
When it comes to water damages, various factors will determine the extent of the losses that you are likely to suffer. These factors include:

• How long the floodwater will stay within your premises: After a flash flood, you are likely to experience high volumes of water. Depending on the flood water levels, the damages that you are likely to experience will vary significantly. High levels of floodwater are likely to lead to more damages to your property compared to when the water comes from leaky faucets.

• The nature of household items within your premises: There are different types of households and the damage on them will depend on their nature. Water resistant households and those made from plastics are likely to be less damaged while households made of wood and clothe are likely to experience more damages.

• The sources of the water within your premise: Water damage does not necessarily come from floods. It could originate from other sources of water such as broken water pipes. Flash floods may cause severe damages to your premises while broken water pipes will cause minor damages.

water damage arizona

Steps you could take to minimize losses from water damages
Water damages can lead to huge losses if not addressed in a professional manner. As such, you should consider taking the following steps to minimize such losses:

• You should ensure that you cut off any power sources in your premises and remove households from the flooded house immediately. Remove furniture, carpets, electronics, and clothing before they are damaged further.

• Ensure that you drain the water as quickly as possible. If the is a lot of water in your premise, you should consider using a water pump although when there is less water, manual methods will work.

• You should ensure that you dry up the affected area. High moisture levels lead to a high risk for mold damage. You could use dehumidifiers and fans to get rid of water moisture in your premise.

• You should consider disposing damaged items. Some items may sustain damages that will be beyond reusing them. In such cases, you should consider disposing such items responsibly.

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The Contaminants Found in Floodwater

During some floods, the water flows through the city like a river, collecting a large amount of dirt and contaminants. Most people know that floodwater is unsafe, but they decide to wade through it anyway. Until you test the water, you cannot ensure its safety and guarantee your good health. Prepare yourself by learning about the contaminants that are commonly found in floodwater.

Water Damaged Basement, Water Extraction, Water Removal
Bacteria and Viruses

Anyone who collects floodwater and tests the samples will find high levels of bacteria. There are E. coli bacteria that comes from sewage waste and is known to cause diarrhea, nausea, urinary tract infections and Crohn’s disease.

Most bacterial infections are serious and may lead to gangrene or meningitis. Some diseases like pneumonia appear easily in people with weak immune systems. After the infection, you may become hospitalized or have to receive a life-saving shot.

Bacterial outbreaks are known to occur after natural disasters. Some E. coli strains contaminate foods on a wide scale and cause countless medical emergencies. As a result, city officials work to prevent floodwater from reaching the drinking water supply.


During many floods, the sewers overflow with water and spill out onto the streets. Sewage waste contains fecal bacteria and viruses that cause serious diseases. You may be able to detect the presence of sewage by the water’s murky color or odor. However, many people who walk through floodwater do not know that they are walking through sewage.


In most cities, cars appear all over the road. Floodwater picks up the oil and grime that are found on cars and roads. Some floodwaters are polluted with large oil spills or gasoline leaks that have strong odors.

Heavy Metals

Floods collect large amounts of heavy metals from the streets. The water is polluted with lead or arsenic and then mixes with nearby water supplies. Heavy metals are safe in small amounts but dangerous in excess amounts. Like bacteria, the metals are not easy to detect by eye either. Cancers, bone diseases and nervous system disorders are caused by heavy metal toxicity.

If floodwater is not safe to drink, it’s not safe to walk around in either. Whenever you step into floodwater, you’re taking a serious risk that could have long-term health consequences. Wear protective clothing if you have to come into floodwater. The best option is to wait until the waters recede and listen to the advice of public health officials.

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So what do you do if you find detect water damage?

We all hate it when you come home from work or church, and your home is flooding with water. Your carpet is drenching, and your walls are soaked. If unattended to the damage that water can cause can take months to recover from. The smell then that comes from soaked floors and wet carpets is disgusting, to say the least. Unfortunately, you might find yourself in such a fix either because you mistakenly left your taps open, or there has been a pipe breakage; the agony that follows is unbearable. At times water damage can come from natural causes such as heavy rainfall which can force water inside your home.

Water Damage, Water Removal, Damage Restoration

Water Damaged Home

So what do you do if you find detect water damage?

Most people are not aware of how they should act in the unfortunate instant where they find water flooding in their homes. More often than not they take the wrong action which can either accelerate the problem or cause harm to their lives or those in close proximity. These few tips will help you to keep informed on what to do.

Do not panic

Panic can disrupt your thought process; try to remain calm so that you can objectively think your next course of action. Locate the main water valve and shut it to stop water from flooding. Do not try to find where the leakage is it will waste precious time.

Act fast

Salvage important documents and items that can get damaged fast. Also, switch off the main electric socket it is important which electricity is a good conductor of electricity. It can cause electrocution. Dial the emergency number, and if you know any disaster restoration, experts get in touch with them. If you are in Arizona, Lotus Contracting Services will respond to you in less than an hour. The experts will assess the water damage, start the restoration process.

Create a water passage

If water is still you need to map out a drainage path. The more water stands, the more damage it will cause and hence the more expensive the repairs and restoration. If possible start drying the area and other wet items that can be dried either by sunshine or any other drying mechanism you have at your disposal.

Evacuate the property

If the water damage is from a natural cause such as a storm and heavy rains, the water flow to your property will most probably be heavy to contain in the storm. Evacuate to a dry area to avoid risk to life.

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Top 4 Dangers of Staying in Water Damaged Homes

After a natural disaster, you are mostly stressed and frustrated. Most of all, you want to return to your house and get back to normal as soon as possible. To save money, you do much of the flood cleanup yourself. Not wanting to pay for hotel bills, you decide to move back into the house too quickly. However, staying in a water-damaged home comes with a variety of risks and dangers.


Piles of debris are found in one flooded home. When you walk into the home, you notice the flood line and see that everything below the line is damaged. The wall paint is peeling off in flakes, cracks are visible and pieces of house are scattered on the floor.

First, watch your steps as you walk around the house. Debris could lodge into the skin and cause infections. Hire professionals to clean up the debris and make it easier to clean the floor.


Mold is a serious hazard that affects your respiratory and neurological health. You could face a variety of problems like asthma, allergies and fungal infections. Some problems are simple to cure, while others cause long-term health effects.

Find mold growing in any damp place from the wall to the ceiling. It’s a more serious threat when the mold grows hidden from view. Also, mold spores spread easily throughout the air and move from location to another.

Water Damaged Basement, Water Extraction, Water Removal


A flooded house is decrepit with pests coming in and out. Water damage opens up many holes in the walls and floors, making it easy for rats and roaches to enter. And with more serious problems going on, you have to put pest control on the bottom of the list.

Falling Structures

In the worst cases, parts of the house fall down around you. Some people have been trapped by fallen debris that they could not free themselves from. A fallen pillar could break alimb or fall on top of the head and cause severe head injuries.

Some people think that they can brave the dangers of water-damaged homes. They assume that they can tiptoe around the house and ignore the health effects of water damage. In truth, anyone could become injured or seriously ill after spending one day in a decrepit home. Then, there will be more bills to pay for medical injuries. After a flood, make sure that your home is entirely safe before you resettle.

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Why You Need to Hire Professionals for Your Water Damage Issues

Despite the dry climate in Arizona, monsoon season and routine plumbing issues can leave you and your family dealing with an enormous amount of flood damage. One of the main issues that homeowners have is that they do not know the first thing about cleaning up after a flood. You might have tried in the past with very little luck, and this leaves you feeling alone and upset. If you have a lot of flood damage, it’s imperative that you hire a professional company to do the work for you.

water flood damage

One of the reasons you should consider hiring a professional water damage restoration company is because they have the tools and skills necessary to get the job done. Unfortunately, you might not know how to properly clean up after a flood, and this can cause future problems that result in weakened floor boards and massive mold growth. Now that you know how beneficial it is for you to hire a local restoration company, it is imperative to do so before the issues are allowed to get worse. One of the worst things you can do is to leave the flood damage to get worse because it is being ignored.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional, so it is important that you work with an expert and have them come into your home and help out as much as they can. Now that you’re aware of the issues that can come from flood damage, it’s time to contact a local pro to do the project for you. If you have some type of insurance, it is a good idea to contact your provider and have them come into your home and do an assessment. In many cases, your insurance will cover the costs of flood damage restoration.

Without the proper tools, it can be a problem to clean up after a flood has hit your home. Whether it is monsoon season in Arizona or you’ve had a lot of plumbing problems, it’s nice to know that there are professionals out there who will be more than willing to help with this project. Be sure to contact the company so that they can come out to your home or business and do a complete assessment of the damage. From there, they will be able to keep the area clean and dry to restore the house to its former glory.

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