Arizona Water Damage and the Need for Water Clean-up Services

Water damage can lead to losses to the tune of thousands of dollars. Water can damage household appliances, furniture, electronics, upholstery, and plumbing equipment. Water damage can also be experienced after a fire has been put out. If you have suffered water damage, mitigation and restoration need to be done in good time. This will help salvage most of the items and reduce further loss.

Water Damaged Basement, Water Extraction, Water RemovalArizona Water damage or Flood damage can be classified into three categories

The first category is clean water. This is water that does not pose a substantial threat to humans and therefore can be consumed at home.

The second category is referred to gray water; this kind of water contains a significant amount of chemical, biological, physical contaminants, or soot and smoke from burning surfaces. This category of water could pose a threat to human beings and even limit the supply of water in the home.

The third category of water damage is black water. This refers to contamination of the indoor environment. This kind of water could contain unsanitary sources of water that could constitute animal or even human waste. This water contains harmful disease causing pathogens.

After a flood damage or water damage, the water should be treated. This is why water damage restoration and water cleanup services are very crucial. Water damage restoration needs to be handled properly by certified, experienced and licensed water restoration contractors. The processes include:

An immediate visual inspection

This is performed by a certified water restoration officer to asses and determine what is needed to restore a property that has been affected by the water damage.

Water Extraction

Water extraction and containing the damage is the first priority. After that has been done all wet materials should be removed from the area and if necessary the walls, floor, and ceilings should be cleared to allow for drying. Water extraction drains all the flooded areas.


After the extraction process is done, the drying process begins, commercial equipment is used. These include dehumidifiers, air movers, floor drying systems and heat generating equipment to generate dry air and increase air circulation thus allowing evaporation. Normally, drying takes 2-4 days depending on the level of flood damage.

Flood damage & Water damage re-assessment

After the drying process is done, certified technicians conduct another inspection to ensure that there is no hidden moisture that might result to mold formation or result to further water damage problems.


Reconstruction is the final process of water damage restoration. This is done after the water damage has been mitigated and the structure has completely dried. This means the place is safe, healthy and has been brought back to its pre-damaged state

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Dealing with Floodwater in the Home: Flood Damage Phoenix

When you go through a flood, you mostly think about the damages as you look at the water stains on the walls and the mold on the floors. However, many people do not consider the dangers that lie hidden in standing water. Identify the risks of floodwater and then work to protect yourself and family members. Make use of water restoration companies that specialize in the task of removing tained floodwater from your home.

Water Damaged Basement, Water Extraction, Water Removal
The Biohazards of Floodwater

During a flood, water from the outside flows into the house and forms pools of standing water. Some of the floodwater is mixed with dirt and debris from the yard and may include pesticides, feces or sewage waste. Within this unclean water, there are different forms of bacteria and viruses that cause serious infections and diseases.

Biohazards are not visible to the eye, but after a flood, the threat is apparent to most homeowners. Floodwater looks clean but is toxic and unhealthy for anyone to drink or touch. During a flood, the water rushes in and appears everywhere on the floor, walls and ceiling. Animals are more likely to come into contact with standing water, so your job is to keep pets away from it.

Preventing further damage is the first step when you encounter flooding. Remove the water without touching it, and the best way is to let the professionals handle it.

Professional Cleaning Services

Clinics and hospitals have special methods of dealing with biohazards. The rooms and floors are cleaned and disinfected regularly by professionals. Similar to medical facilities, ensure that the rooms and floors in your home are also cleaned by professionals.

The workers at a flood restoration company are familiar with the biohazards present in floodwater. First, they wear uniforms to protect their skin during the water removal process. They know how to turn off electrical devices safely and to safeguard your personal belongings as they work.

Restoration experts use special extraction tools, which are portable or truck-mounted vacuums, that remove large volumes of standing water. They are able to remove dozens of gallons in one minute, and after a few hours, leave the entire house damp but not flooded.

There are certain safety precautions to follow after a flood. Floodwater comes from the outdoor environment, so it is unclean and full of bacteria. Avoid stepping into the house immediately and contact a company that handles the safe extraction of this water.

If you have a Flood, Flooding or Flood damage in Phoenix, Arizona or the surrounding areas like Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe call our experts today for help!

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Water Damage Repair Phoenix: Top 4 Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Water Damage, Water Removal, Damage Restoration

Water Damaged Home

You may never know the cost of water damage repair until you need one for your home. The cost of repair depends on the level of water damage. Water damage repair providers can help you fix your property at a low cost. You won’t have to dig deep into your pocket. However, most homeowners in Arizona make multiple mistakes when they decide to do the repair themselves. Below are a few common mistakes that homeowners make when they try to repair water damage.

Using the wrong technicians

When you talk to your insurance company about water damage, they’re likely to recommend some companies. The majority of insurance companies propose inexpensive contractors who offer sub-standard services. You shouldn’t hire contractors without checking their credibility. It’s crucial to look for water damage restoration companies that will carry out high-quality work. Hire reputable technicians who have the right skill and knowledge to solve your problem. Your insurance policy doesn’t restrict you to some contractors, so don’t feel obligated to hire a certain company.

Overlooking the insurance process

You’re likely to encounter problems with your insurance agency if you undertake a restoration project by yourself. Your insurance provider may delay your compensation process, so you may have to look for other ways to fund your project. A good water damage contractor should help you with the insurance process and offer you a quotation.

Delayed action

When you experience water damage in your home, you should not wait too long to start the repair work. This will enable you to salvage the situation early and avoid further damage. If you wait too long, your belongings might be destroyed. You’ll have to spend money and time to replace the damaged stuff. Professional water damage repair technicians work around the clock to ensure that they attend to damages on time. So, you should make an attempt to contact them when you identify a water-related issue.

Selecting under-equipped companies

A contractor should be a one-stop service. They should be able to handle various damages caused by water. These include mold, smoke, and fire. You have to find a contractor who can deal with both fire and water damage. You don’t want a water damage company that will leave you to deal with fire issues on your own. Not only would this be unethical, but also uneconomical.

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What You Need to Know About Water Damage in Arizona

When purchasing or renting a house in Arizona, an individual never predicts the possibilities of damages as a result of rain, storm, fire or debris. When a storm passes near a house, the homeowner may have to deal with water damages. This is a huge loss with many repairing costs involved. There are also plenty of ways a family can contribute to water damages either from the house or the sources of water in the compound. During a storm, there can be contamination. Contaminated storm or floods contain pathogens. These pathogens can become a breeding place for mold. If the mold is not dealt with immediately, there will be festering of the mold spores in the building. This makes it harder to remove the spread of molds.

water damage arizona

Water Damage Restoration Arizona

In other cases, government agencies condemn the building by labeling it a threat to humanity. That is why there is the need for a certified professional to deal with water damages. Lotus Contracting Services is a key game player in saving homeowners from damages incurred by water, molds, and flood. Being a woman-owned enterprise, homeowners should expect order and prior preparation from the company. The company was formed in 2015. New as it is in the industry, the owners have massive experience in water damage control. Our experiences total to thirty years in the industry. Lotus Contracting Services was founded with the objective of developing a new modern standard in the industry of restoration. The company has a high standard of integrity, honesty as well as compassion to human and animals.

According to our beliefs, not all damages are entitled to insurance claims. Since the company holds that opinion, Lotus Contracting Services has made it possible for homeowners to deal with water damages without involving insurance companies. The teams of professionals combine talent and expertise in delivering prompt and successful recovery in cases of property loss due to water or flood damage. Lotus Contracting Services manages disasters caused by water through handling emergency plumbing repairs, fire, smoke damage restoration, asbestos removal and water damage restoration.

Additionally, the company synergizes modern technology in ensuring client safety at home. Our core objective as a team is restoring customer property to how it was initially. The team prides itself in having the ability to offer emergency response through efficient evaluation of situations. It also provides services for cleaning up the house after restoration. With Lotus Contracting Services, flood, water and mold restoration is possible.

If you think you have a Water Damage problem in Arizona contact our experts today!

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How Hard Are DIY Projects When it Comes to Mold?

Mold Remediation, Water Damage, Leaking PipeHomeowners who are strapped for cash will look for DIY projects to save money. They may think that removing mold is the same as cleaning lime stains on a sink. They don’t consider the fact that mold removal is a multistep process that includes planning and remediation. The DIY project for removing mold has many misconceptions that are important to know about.

Lack of Understanding About Mold

Dealing with mold involves more than not touching it and keeping a safe distance. Mold spores circulate throughout the air and become inhalable if you don’t wear a mask as you work. Without knowing this simple fact, you could develop serious respiratory problems, such as sinus congestions and lung infections.

Wrong Tools and Cleaning Products

Mold is a complicated fungus that is not always easy to clean. Some cleaning techniques work on mold, while others don’t, so know the effectiveness of each before you work. For some people, using bleach is not effective at removing mold that has grown into the surface.

People are encouraged to buy mold removal products that are proven to work. They must apply good amounts of the chemical on the surface and wait long enough for it to work. Removing mold is similar to cleaning a sink or bathtub – the product is useless for anyone who doesn’t follow the instructions.

Hard-to-Reach Locations of Mold

Mold grows in any place that hosts excessive moisture, including the walls, ceiling, furniture and ducts. Mold has many hiding places from the ducts on the ceiling to wooden panels under the carpet. Before you take on a removal project, know that mold is a living organism and not just another dirt stain.

Endless Sources of Mold

Not removing the source of your mold problem is the biggest misstep. The entire DIY project is fruitless if you avoid removing the causes of mold. Even if you find one big source, such as a leak behind the wall, there could be a dozen other sources hidden somewhere in the house. That is why only professionals are trusted to pinpoint the precise locations of mold, remove it and prevent its future growth.

Removing mold on your own is a DIY project that could easily become a difficult part-time job. Most homeowners cannot afford to do the research or spend thousands of dollars in leak detection equipment. Find it more reasonable to hire Mold Removal professionals like our team for faster, more effective results.

If you need Mold removed or a Phoenix Mold Removal company to help you call our office at 480-500-5481

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Here’s What To Do If You Have a Roof Leak in Arizona

Over the years, your roof will weaken due to the elements. Therefore roof leaks are almost inevitable for most people.

However, a leaking roof in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas can give your home water damage and mold if you don’t get these problems fixed within 48 hours of the issue’s first appearance.

The following tips will give you ways to deal with your leaky roof

How To Deal With Water Damage In Your Home

  1. If you have a leaky roof, items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and heirlooms could get damaged by the water leaking into your home. Move these items to a dryer part of your home. If you have furniture that you cannot move, cover these pieces with a large piece of plastic.
  2. Collect the water from the leak with a bucket from your home. Place the bucket directly under the roof’s leak. If water is going from the bucket onto your floor, take a piece of string and pin it to the ceiling. Let the droplets travel down your string into the waiting bucket.
  3. A leaky roof could cause your ceiling to blister or bubble. If you’re currently experiencing this situation, take a pin and poke a hole in the bubble. The bubble’s water will then get released.

How To Find and Fix The Roof Leak

  1. If possible, trace the start of your leak to your attic. You’ll want to search for discolorations, stains, or watermarks that come from moisture.
  2. Just because you have a crack in your roof does not mean that this is the location where the water is entering your home. Water could go down beams and trusses from the roof’s entry point until it finds a weak spot on the floor of your attic. This could cause a leak in your home.
  3. There are a lot of things that could cause your roof to leak. Some of these causes could include old shingles, a flashing pipe, malfunctioning moisture barriers, clogged downspouts and/or gutters, missing shingles or caps.
  4. Twice a year, get your roof inspected and your downspouts and gutters cleaned out. This will prevent future roof leaks and will also keep you from dealing with water damage for the foreseeable future.
  5. If you don’t want to do the tasks listed here, enlist the help of a water damage restoration company.

If you think you have Water Damage from a Roof Leak in Phoenix, AZ call us today for help at 480-500-5481 for a complete Water Damage Assessment

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4 Ways to Prevent Water Damage in your Arizona Home

Many people only think of torrential rains and flooding (especially during Monsoon season in Arizona) when they think of the causes of water damage, but there actually are many other causes that are much more common.

Most of these causes are preventable, and you should do all you can to ensure they don’t happen. Here are some of the ways to prevent water damage in your home.

Water Damage, Water Removal, Damage Restoration

Water Damaged Home

Use a backflow preventer
Backflow preventers mostly work to ensure that your non-potable sources of water don’t back up and leak into drinking water, but such devices also can ensure that you don’t wind up with water from your sewer system or septic tank in your home.

Keep pipes insulated
Though it only gets below freezing a few nights a year in the Phoenix area, all it takes is one cold night to cause a disaster. A frozen pipe is likely to flood your home and cause tremendous damage. To ensure that doesn’t happen, take steps to insulate your pipes properly, especially ones in unheated areas, such as a crawlspace.

Don’t run appliances when you aren’t at home
Dishwashers and washing machines can malfunction and overflow, and if you aren’t there to take care of the problem, it will be 100 times worse. That’s why you should never run these or any other appliances that use water when you are not at home.

Ensure your property has adequate drainage
Though flooding events are rare in the Phoenix area, when they do occur, you will be much better off if your property is landscaped properly. Your yard should slope away from your home’s foundation to keep water away from your home. You also want to avoid having plantings near your home that impede drainage.

Following these tips makes it less likely you will wind up with water damage in your home, but no amount of preparation can completely eliminate the risk. If you do find yourself with water damage and need cleanup and remediation services, call Lotus Contracting Services to do the work.

If you think it’s too late to prevent water damage and you are seeing signs that you might have a Water Damage issue and are in the Phoenix, AZ area Call US at 480-500-5481

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3 Signs You Might Need a Water Damage Restoration Company in Mesa AZ

Think you might have Water Damage or a Flood Damage in your Mesa, AZ home or business?

Here are 3 sure tell signs you might need our water damage experts to provide a Free Estimate to fix your water damage or mold problem.

water damage

1. Mold and Mildew

Small leaks are not always visible enough to be noticed which can go undetected for quite some time. Undetected leaks can promote mold growth causing homeowners or commercial businesses to spend thousands of dollar in water damage restoration.

The best way is to conduct a thorough inspection both on the interior and exterior part of the roofs, walls, and your home or building is getting one of mold and water damage specialist to inspect your place in Mesa, AZ

2. Moist Walls

Mold and mildew thrives on moist, dark areas, and a pipe, which is typically hidden in a wall or under flooring, provides the perfect starting point for mold or mildew if the pipe springs a leak.

3. Stains or Discoloration

One of the third signs of water damage include discoloration, crumbling drywall, and increased humidity in rooms especially during monsoon season here in Arizona.

If you notice the walls, roof, ceilings have a stain or some type of discoloration or you have any of these three outlined signs of water damage or mold call us today at 480-500-5481

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To file a Water Damage Insurance Claim or not to…that is the question

homeowner's insurance water damageWhen your home or business suffers a water intrusion, often times your first reaction is to call your insurance company and file a claim. But is that always the right step?

Most people don’t know that if you call your insurance company and open up a claim, it is counted as a claim whether or not the insurance company pays out a penny or not. So if you end up cancelling your claim or your claim gets denied, it still counts as a claim which could cause your rates to increase or cause issues for you in the future if you are shopping for new homeowner’s insurance.

Here are 4 Important things to consider before filing an insurance claim for Water Damage

  1. What was the source of the water loss?

Unless you have a separate “flood” writer on your insurance policy, any water that comes in from the outdoors is typically not a covered loss. So during monsoon season when you have a flash flood that runs down your street and through your home, you aren’t covered.

  1. Was the water loss caused by an accidental or sudden water discharge?

Under standard insurance policies, the water loss has to be either accidental OR a sudden water discharge in order for it to be covered. If it is instead a slow water leak that went undetected or water from the outside, there is rarely coverage.

An example of an accidental water loss would be: you are filling up the bathtub, you lie down on the bed to rest while it is filling and fall asleep. You wake up 4 hours later to a flooded home – typically covered

An example of a sudden water discharge would be: The toilet supply line bursts in the middle of the day and floods for 3 hours before you return home from work – typically covered

An example of a slow water leak would be: The ice maker line behind your refrigerator has a slow leak in the wall behind the refrigerator. You only notice it when you start seeing mold growth on the wall on the other side of the refrigerator – typically not covered

  1. Is the cost of the water damage mitigation and repairs more than my deductible?

This may not be something you know until you have a professional water damage mitigation company come out and assess the damage. It is always a good idea to have a restoration company come out to evaluate the damage, after all they have all of the proper tools and instruments to discover hidden water damage and hidden pockets of water that you may not be able to detect on your own. A good restoration company will give you an honest evaluation and explain to you whether or not it is in your best interest to file a claim.

  1. You don’t have to decide immediately if you are going to file a claim or not.

Your first priority should be to properly mitigate and minimize the damages. You can determine at a later time if it is in your best interest to file an insurance claim. Just make sure you are documenting all of the damage and steps you are taking to remedy the issue along the way because if you do file a claim, the insurance company will need that information.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing damage in your home or business and you aren’t sure who to call first or if you should file a claim or not, call a locally owned and operated company that cares.

Call Lotus Contracting Services, LLC at 480-500-5481. We will come out and evaluate your water loss and give you an honest evaluation on whether or not we would recommend you filing a claim.

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Have High Water Pressure Issues in Johnson Ranch San Tan Valley, Phoenix, Chandler or Gilbert?

Effects of High Water Pressure in Your Home or Business

Typically when we think about the water pressure in our homes or businesses, we think “The higher the better” Because who wants to take a shower with water just trickling out of the shower head? The truth is however, high water pressure in your home can lead to leaks, plumbing breaks and costly water damage.

water pressure gauge

What causes high water pressure?

The main cause of high water pressure is the municipal water supplier. The water company must set and adjust the water pressure to meet the needs of their customers. Multi-family dwellings, apartment buildings, and high rise buildings all put a strain on the municipal water system. In addition, when there are large booms of new construction like what the Phoenix valley is experiencing now, the local water companies must compensate for the new buildings and do so by increasing the water pressure to meet the higher demand. The maximum recommended pressure for a residence is around 60 pounds, however the water pressure in some valley neighborhoods are 100 pounds or higher.

Water pressure isn’t necessarily consistent and varies throughout the day. For example in the morning when you and all of your neighbors are showering and getting ready for work/school, the water pressure is lower because of the greater demand. During the day when most people aren’t home or at night when most people are sleeping, the water pressure may increase due to the lack of demand.

Why is high water pressure bad?

Simply put, water is a highly erosive substance. High water pressure causes wear and tear on all plumbing fixtures, but especially the newer fixtures that are designed to conserve water by having a considerably lower flow rate. This is also the case for plumbing pipes, the higher the water pressure, the greater the wear on the pipes, especially plumbing joints and valves.

Symptoms of high water pressure

If you are noticing recurring leaks in your home from water fixtures such as shower valves and faucets, you may have an issue with high water pressure.

If your toilet starts running without being used (especially during hours of peak pressure like at night), you may have an issue with high water pressure.

If you can hear a hammering or banging noise from the plumbing in your walls when you turn off a faucet, shower or flush the toilet, you may have an issue with high water pressure.

What can we do if we suspect we have high water pressure?

If you think you may have high water pressure in your home, we recommend either having a licensed plumber come out to your home to determine what the water pressure is, or you can purchase a water pressure gauge that screws on to a hose bib to check the water pressure yourself.

If you determine that you do have high water pressure, you can we recommend that you contact a licensed plumber to install a pressure reducing valve on the main water supply coming into your home. A pressure reducing valve will reduce the water pressure from the main line to a safe level before it reaches any of the internal plumbing pipes or fixtures in your home.

We get a lot of calls and help a lot of people with their homes and businesses experiencing water damage due to High Water Pressure in Johnson Ranch San Tan Valley, Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and Gilbert.

If you have a water damage or flood restoration issue because of High Water Pressure call our experts today at 480-500-5481

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