Your world can be turned upside down in a fire, especially after you survey the damage. Between the emotional fallout, the insurance claims and the upheaval to your daily routine, trying to put the pieces back together can be tough. Before you begin the hard job of fire restoration on your own, consider these reasons for hiring the experts instead.

Cleaning Up After A Fire Can Be Hazardous

While it may seem like a straightforward task, removing building materials and damaged furniture can be a health risk. Not only will you be moving heavy items like your personal goods, but you may need to use tools to remove fire-damaged flooring and construction materials. The debris and smoke left in a building after a fire can cause a variety of upper respiratory problems, coughing, eye and nose irritation and lung damage. You should not be working in your home after a fire unless you have protective equipment and experience in fire restoration.

Waste Removal For Fire Damaged Materials

If you do take on the job of fire restoration in your home, you need to know that much of the debris that you remove will need to properly disposed of. You’ll need to rent a dumpster or hauling service to take away charred wood, smoke-filled furniture and other building material that was damaged in the flames. Your local sanitation department may have rules about how to get rid of fire debris.

Fire Restoration Can Affect Your Mental Health

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just a few months, a house fire is a traumatic event that puts your life at risk. You will need time to heal emotionally, so removing yourself from the fire-damaged home may be your best bet. Hiring a professional fire restoration team will allow your home to be returned to the comfortable residence that you remember.