If you live in the Phoenix or Gilbert, AZ area and you own a home that is older than 1990, then you may have asbestos in your house. Asbestos is a mineral that is found in many insulations, wall compounds, and other home building products. When disturbed, the mineral turns to dust that is easy to breathe in setting the stage for health problems later in life included asbestosis and many cancers.

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In-depth knowledge of how to safely cordon off an area for safe removal

Using our Scottsdale asbestos company ensures that you get rid of the dangers of asbestos in your home properly. To eliminate the issues of airborne contaminants, quarantining the affected area while clean up is in progress is recommended. Tenting the area reduces the chance that contaminants affect clean areas of the property. It keeps household members safe because the dust is not getting into the air.

Tempe AZ asbestos removal services

  • Asbestos identification
  • Quarantine services
  • Free estimates
  • Emergency services
  • Asbestos removal
  • Secure disposal
  • Cleaning and repair services
  • Decontamination for adjacent zones and immediate work areas
  • Asbestos removal consultation

Peace of mind with a Chandler AZ asbestos removal expert

When you hire a specialist to take care of asbestos on your property, you can be assured that the job is in the care of someone highly trained and skilled to deal with a cancer-causing agent.

Our specialists have the proper equipment like suits and masks to keep the lungs from getting exposure from the contaminants in the air during demolition and vacuums with advanced HEPA filtration. A quality Tempe asbestos removal firm has the training and equipment to provide a full removal of asbestos and repair the affected areas. You never have to worry about complying with local regulations regarding the removal and disposal of carcinogenic agents like asbestos when you let an expert remediation firm take care of the problem for you.

Whether you realize you have problems with asbestos or not, Realty Times says it is a great idea to seek the services of an expert testing and asbestos removal agency for older homes. Saving your family and co-workers from exposure to a dangerous mineral is a top priority for our expert Phoenix AZ metro asbestos removal company. For more information about our asbestos services, please call 480-500-5481.