When you arrive at your business one morning and find the interior and perhaps your inventory and equipment suffering from water damage, you are of course upset. But along with this, you are also wondering what happened to cause thousands of dollars in damage. When situations such as this take place, you will only be able to do so much on your own. To have your business cleaned and restored in the best possible manner and learn how water damage takes place, contact the pros at Lotus Restoration Services.

Leaky Roof causing water damage
In many instances, a leaky roof will be the cause of water damage inside a business. If your roof is past time to be replaced or has suffered damage from a storm, never ignore these costly problems. Instead, have them fixed at once to avoid bigger problems later on.

Water Heater leaking causing water damage
When you closed up the night before, your water heater was fine. However, if it sprang a leak during the night, you are now facing a situation that will require an extensive cleanup effort. Thus, if you have a water heater that is past its prime or has been giving you problems of late, be proactive about it before you find yourself facing a flood of epic proportions.

Broken Pipes causing water damage
Should your commercial plumbing system be getting old, your pipes may be in real danger of breaking. When this happens, large areas of your business can be soaked within minutes, leading to damage that will result in a massive cleanup effort. Unfortunately, this will lead to the growth of mold and many other issues as well, all of which will require experts who know how to restore furniture, electronics, and more to their original condition.

When water damage occurs at your business, don’t assume everything is lost. Instead, call on water damage experts at Lotus Restoration Services. Once you do, technicians can come to your business, assess the damage, and help you decide on the best course of action. To get started on the road to recovery, contact Lotus today at 480-500-5481 or visit lotusservicesaz.com to request an evaluation.