How to Clean Up Flood Damage in Mesa AZ

Floods are a common occurrence across the country. Frequent floods lead to significant water damage. This water damage affects the home, vehicles, and property inside the home. There are several times a year that floods occur in Arizona especially during monsoon season.

Electronic equipment in the home really does take a big hit. Think about the water damage that might occur to any of your precious electronic equipment. Everything from a smartphone to a HD television could take a massive hit, during the flood. Of course, the first step to take after water damage occurs, is to contact our disaster restoration service for immediate help.

However, it is also important to realize that some of the electronic equipment might suffer severe damage and that corrosion could set in, while other electronics might survive the water damage.

Phoenix Water Damage

Muddy water from storm flooding

Taking Assessment After Flood Damage
The first step is to take a quick assessment of electronics after the water damage occurs. Determine if electronic property should be replaced or repaired.

Here are important issues to consider. Was the electronic equipment completely submerged under water? For example, electronics left in a basement that flooded were completely covered and left in standing water.

Generally, the electronics are not salvageable, under these extreme conditions. Repairing the damaged parts would cost more than the electronics are worth. Replacement is the best solution. Perhaps, the item was not submerged, but left out in the rainstorm.

The odds are that corrosion is an issue and the item should be replaced. Certainly, electronics that were exposed to extreme humidity because of water damage, might develop corrosion too. This item should be assessed by an expert or simply replaced.

After Water & Flood Damage
The first steps that you take after water damage are important. Take a quick assessment of all the water damage. Take pictures for insurance purposes. Remember, some water damage might stay hidden behind the walls in the home. Corrosion of pipes and electronics might happen immediately.

Contact our Flood Damage Restoration experts for our flood damage service to have your complete home assessed, cleaned, and dried immediately.

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