4 Standard Measures to Take in Response to House Flooding in Chandler Arizona

House flooding is one of the common hazards that you may come across as a homeowner or tenant. Most common house flooding incidences are normally as a result of flash floods, especially in the Arizona area. House flooding can also be as a result of broken or extensively leaking pipework in your home. Such floods may lead to water accumulating in your room up to a few inches deep. Whereas such floods can be quite inconveniencing, you need not panic as there are a set of 4 standard measures that you can take in response.

1. Account for everyone 

The first measure to take is to account for everyone who lives in your house. This demands that you call out everyone out of the house to a safe area that is free of any water, preferably in your compound or yard. A few inches of flooding in your house may be so risky, especially for your children who can easily suffer drowning and panic. Taking them to safety prevents further potential incidences.

2. Disconnect electric supply

The second measure to take is to locate the house’s main switch for electric connection and ensure that you disconnect it. Flooding in the house can lead to increased risk of electrocution, especially in cases where water comes in contact with live wires such as sockets and switches. Switching off the electric power at the mains also prevents additional risks of short-circuiting which may lead to a devastating house fire.

3. Secure a few valuables

If possible, you may want to enter the house and collect a few valuable items whose contact with water may lead to substantial losses. Items such as those stored in a safe, including education certificates, identity documents, cash, laptops, and phones among other small electronics can suffer substantial and irreparable damage. Entering back to the house should, however, be restricted only to situations where the flooding is well under control and any potential risks are well assessed and prevented.

4. Call-in restoration experts

The fourth important measure to take after noticing water damage in Chandler AZ and flooding in your home is to call in professional water damage restoration experts. Such experts are well trained on the measures to take in response to house flooding as a result of the flash floods or broken pipes in the house’s plumbing. Calling them in as soon as the flooding occurs ensures a quick response, thereby preventing common damages that normally occur as a result of prolonged exposure of the house to water.