How Hard Are DIY Projects When it Comes to Mold?

Mold Remediation, Water Damage, Leaking PipeHomeowners who are strapped for cash will look for DIY projects to save money. They may think that removing mold is the same as cleaning lime stains on a sink. They don’t consider the fact that mold removal is a multistep process that includes planning and remediation. The DIY project for removing mold has many misconceptions that are important to know about.

Lack of Understanding About Mold

Dealing with mold involves more than not touching it and keeping a safe distance. Mold spores circulate throughout the air and become inhalable if you don’t wear a mask as you work. Without knowing this simple fact, you could develop serious respiratory problems, such as sinus congestions and lung infections.

Wrong Tools and Cleaning Products

Mold is a complicated fungus that is not always easy to clean. Some cleaning techniques work on mold, while others don’t, so know the effectiveness of each before you work. For some people, using bleach is not effective at removing mold that has grown into the surface.

People are encouraged to buy mold removal products that are proven to work. They must apply good amounts of the chemical on the surface and wait long enough for it to work. Removing mold is similar to cleaning a sink or bathtub – the product is useless for anyone who doesn’t follow the instructions.

Hard-to-Reach Locations of Mold

Mold grows in any place that hosts excessive moisture, including the walls, ceiling, furniture and ducts. Mold has many hiding places from the ducts on the ceiling to wooden panels under the carpet. Before you take on a removal project, know that mold is a living organism and not just another dirt stain.

Endless Sources of Mold

Not removing the source of your mold problem is the biggest misstep. The entire DIY project is fruitless if you avoid removing the causes of mold. Even if you find one big source, such as a leak behind the wall, there could be a dozen other sources hidden somewhere in the house. That is why only professionals are trusted to pinpoint the precise locations of mold, remove it and prevent its future growth.

Removing mold on your own is a DIY project that could easily become a difficult part-time job. Most homeowners cannot afford to do the research or spend thousands of dollars in leak detection equipment. Find it more reasonable to hire Mold Removal professionals like our team for faster, more effective results.

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