3 Signs that Your Bathroom Needs Water Restoration Services in Phoenix

A basement with water constantly flowing through it and a house in a low-lying flood zone are certainly signs that you may need to contact a water damage company in Phoenix AZ at some point. However, specific problems in your bathroom could also encourage you to add these professionals to your cell-phone contact list. 1.

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How To Handle Water Damage On A Rental Property in AZ

It's a tenant's nightmare. Water damage in AZ is bad enough when it happens on property that you own, but if your apartment floods, you get shouldered with the stress of determining who is really responsible for the repairs. It's a sticky situation with a lot of seemingly gray areas. If a pipe bursts in

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3 Important Steps To Take At The First Sign Of Water Damage in Phoenix

Water damage is unfortunately common in Phoenix homes and in homes throughout the area. It may be caused by everything from a broken pipe or a leaking water heater to a leaky roof, a severe storm or something else. Water can be a very destructive force when it is not properly managed and contained in

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2 Water Damage Myths in Arizona That You Can Forget About

After a flood, it's common for people to think that water is temporary and will not leave behind stains. Another myth is, if the water looks clean, it is. This causes many people to think that cleaning up a water-damaged home is a typical DIY project. After a flood hits, it's important that you stop

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The Damage Slow Water Leaks Can Cause in Gilbert AZ

When a water pipe bursts it is usually noticed quickly. There will be the sound of gushing water or a flooded room or a decrease in water pressure. But when a pipe cracks and a slow leak begins, it can go unnoticed until significant damage has already occured. Cracks can happen as buildings settle or

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Can You Paint Over Water Damage in Your Arizona Home?

Even clean water will leave a mark on wood, drywall and other building materials. After a building has been damaged by water, it is often difficult to determine whether or not the building materials are safe to use or if they need to be removed and replaced. Paint can be applied to most surfaces and

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Microorganisms: The Deadliest Threats from a Flood in Mesa AZ

Some of the biggest threats that appear during a flood are unseen. Deadly microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and parasites will thrive in floodwaters, waiting to invade someone's body through an open cavity or wound. Here are several, harmful diseases caused by microorganisms that appear in floodwaters. Amoebiasis Amoebiasis is an amoeba-caused illness with the symptoms

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Have A Bio-Hazard Situation In Phoenix? Call A Professional Restoration Service

In situations where catastrophic property damage occurs, or perhaps an industrial accident or crime has taken place, the area will need an extensive cleaning once all final details are resolved. However, in these situations, it is important to not attempt to do this without the help of professionals. Not only will the area not be

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Why Fast Service Is The Best Service For Water Damage Restoration in AZ

Water Damage Restoration AZ When water gets into an Arizona home from an unlikely source, the consequences can be massive. Furnishings and the structure itself may be damaged from sudden floods, slow buildup of moisture can lead to mold growth and leaking pipes can cause issues in the most unexpected of places. When homeowners are

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The Importance of Calling A Restoration Company in Phoenix AZ

Restoration Company in Phoenix AZ Unexpected things can happen at any time catching homeowners and businesses off guard. No one really plans their daily schedules around a possible disaster. The fact is that catastrophes are a part of life. Lotus Restoration Services is ready to conquer any problem. Water Damage Leaking or flooding water can

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