Prepare Your Home For Monsoon Season In Phoenix AZ

It’s monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ, and that means preparing your home for the possibility of flooding. When the waters rise, you may be the unfortunate victim of water damage in your home. While the rainy season can be unpredictable in our area, you can stay one step ahead of the extreme weather by making

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3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid After Water Damage in Tempe, AZ

After heavy rainfall in Tempe, AZ, flash floods are common, resulting in water flooding into your home. Additionally, a faulty plumbing issue can cause your home to flood. It's common to panic and act promptly to mitigate flooding issues in your home to prevent water damage. But, in the process, you can make mistakes that

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Don’t Let Mold Take Over Your Phoenix, AZ Home This Summer

The long, sunny days of summer are on the way, and for Phoenix, AZ, residents, that means a lot of good things. The advantages of living in a hot climate are numerous like enjoying your afternoons by the pool or a warm evening on the patio. Unfortunately, mold loves the heat too, and it will

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3 Different Kinds of Water Damage All Homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ Should Know About

Water damage resulting from a flood is a serious concern for homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ. Not only do these natural disasters force people out of their houses for days on end, but the resulting damage can also pose potential risks to your family's health. For this reason, it's always important to hire a water damage

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Restoration 101: How Harmful is a Home or Business after a Fire?

When a home or business structure burns, wood is often one of the major underlying sources of fuel. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a smoky wood fire generates fine particulate matter that can cause eye irritation, congestion and even illnesses like bronchitis. Yet, the harm caused by a structural fire typically goes well beyond

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3 Areas in Your Home Most Susceptible to Water Damage

Arizona is a relatively dry state compared to others in the country, but that doesn't keep homeowners from having to deal with water damage. From torrential downpours and consistent dew build-up to busted pipes and sheer accidents, homes are subject to a lot of potential problems. Here, we'll take a look at 3 areas in

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Cleaning Up After a Crime of Death in the Valley of the Sun

Something those real-life crime shows will never show you is cleaning up the unfortunate aftermath of a crime. The ugly truth is, after the detectives collect all of the evidence, the crime scene is simply left as a biohazard for the owner of the property to clean up. The city of Phoenix has a violent

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4 Factors That Will Influence Costs of Water Damage Repairs

If you're living in Tempe, AZ, you know just how potentially damaging water can be to your home. From floods and torrential downpours to busted pipes and broken appliances, water damage can hit from many different angles. While it's always important to know how to prevent or protect against these issues best you can, sometimes

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Will Your Drywall Get Ruined if it Gets Wet?

Although drywall is pretty sturdy, it can get damaged after exposure to water for a long period. As a result, it will lose structural integrity and become weak. The sooner you notice the problem, the better. First, check the drywall for moisture. You can use a non-penetrating moisture meter or a screwdriver to drill holes.

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What Happens To Your Swimming Pool During A Flood In Phoenix AZ?

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, then you know how refreshing it is to go swimming during the heat of the day. Many residents in the area enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool on their property to get exercise and recreation. Pools can also fall victim to the devastating effects of flash floods

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