Does Your Phoenix Metro Area Home Have Water Damage?

Water damage in the home may happen for a variety of reasons. Whether your property has a burst pipe, a broken water heater or a leaky roof, swift action is important. Ultimately, ignoring the issue could lead to greater problems for your Phoenix household. Structural Deterioration Once you have managed the immediate effects of flooding,

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Flood Damage in Your Scottsdale, Arizona Home? Never DIY

If you have had flood damage to your Scottsdale, Arizona home due to a flood and you are wanting to do the flood remediation treatment yourself, do not. Doing it yourself is never the answer and should never be done when it comes to water restoration. Why Not Do It Yourself? While it might sound

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How Homeowners Insurance Policies Handle Mold damage

While going through your homeowners’ insurance policy, you might find the information on mold damage rather vague. What exactly does the policy cover, and what does it exclude? Ideally, the policy will not cover mold damage unless it is due to another claim under the policy, such as water damage. When Will the Insurer Cover

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Signs of a Mold Problem in Your Tempe, Arizona Home

If you have mold in your home, it could put you at risk for several different health ailments. Mold, including black mold, can cause severe allergies, breathing problems, and it is suspected to have other health effects as well. If you find mold in your home, you need to get it treated as soon as

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How Can Restoration Specialists Help My Phoenix Business After A Fire?

If you worked hard to build your Phoenix business into a success only to see it burn, you are heartbroken. However, while you may think your business will never be the same, calling on restoration specialists who possess the perfect combination of high-tech equipment and training can have your business back up and running much

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Could I Have An Asbestos Issue In My Home?

When most people think of asbestos, they mistakenly believe it was used only in buildings that were erected years ago. While it is true that asbestos still remains in many of today's older buildings, many homeowners are shocked to learn their new, modern homes may still in fact contain asbestos. Though not nearly as common

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Steps the Homeowner Can Take While Waiting on Emergency Water Damage Restoration to Arrive

Water damage to the home can be caused by numerous circumstances. Whether it was a burst pipe, water heater, or whatever type of emergency, many homeowners are left not knowing what to do. While water damage restoration services can save the day, what should the homeowner do until help arrives? Although it will depend on

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How to Recover from a Flood

A flooded home or office is one of the most devastating things one would ever experience. The flood could be caused by groundwater, a malfunctioning home water system, heavy rains, among other causes. Regardless of the cause, recovering from the flood is a matter of urgency. Here are a few steps that you can take

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My Phoenix Business Has Mold Growth–What Do I Do?

If you find mold growing at your place of business, don't simply ignore the problem. Unfortunately, if you can see mold growth in certain spots, this likely means there is much more mold present than you imagined. Since mold can begin its growth process within 24 hours after an area becomes wet, mold can quickly

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How Can I Get A Scottsdale Trauma Scene Cleaned Up?

Whether it is the unattended death of a person, a suicide, or even a murder that occurs, the result is often a building that is in need of highly-specialized cleaning. In each of these examples, it is likely large amounts of blood, bodily fluids, tissue, and skin may now be scattered about or soaked into

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