You might think that an overflowing toilet or sewer line isn’t a big problem, but the moisture is a biohazard that requires a professional cleaning process. There are several reasons why a sewer line or toilet might overflow, spilling liquid and hard waste on a property’s lawn or a building’s interior surfaces.

First, you must identify the source of the problem before making a repair to a damaged sewer line or replacing a damaged toilet. In some cases, these types of plumbing problems are caused by dense blockages in the pipes that require removal with a rooter brush process.

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Our Company Offers Emergency Sewage Cleaning Services

If you have a business or home with sewage contamination, then you must have it removed as quickly as possible. Filthy sewage will release dangerous gases that have a foul odor, and you don’t want to walk on the waste that is flowing across a property’s lawn or a building’s floors. Fortunately, you can contact Lotus Restoration Services in Gilbert, Ariz., at anytime for a sewage damage cleanup at a residential or commercial property.

Technicians Will Bring the Equipment Required For a Disaster Cleanup 

When you need a sewage damage cleanup, it requires having an assortment of specialized equipment such as dehumidifiers, extraction machines and circulating fans. If you try to find all of the equipment required for a sewage damage cleanup, it can take a lot of time. While you are looking for the items needed for sewage removal, the filthy contamination is spreading rapidly. By calling our company, a team of technicians can arrive within an hour to begin the remediation process, and the workers will remain on-site until the job is completed.

Prevent Secondary Damage From Sewage 

Technicians get to work quickly to install circulating fans to dry the moisture in a building along with dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity in a building. It is essential for the technicians to begin extracting sewage from a building’s carpets, baseboards and floor tiles. The sewage that is extracted is kept in containers for proper disposal at an off-site location. After all of the sewage is removed, the technicians will also sanitize the contaminated surfaces thoroughly to remove dangerous bacteria, parasites and viruses. With efficient sewage remediation, you won’t have secondary damage from mold growth.

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