Even though Arizona is considered a desert climate, homeowners are not immune to sustaining water damage on their properties from a variety of situations, including plumbing leaks, burst pipes and heavy rainfall. Not only do you need a professional water damage restoration company in Phoenix to prevent permanent damage, you also need a service that knows how to respond quickly to your emergency request.

Lotus Restoration Services has earned a reputation throughout the Arizona markets that is serves, including the greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler areas, for offering a one hour or less response time. Why is this quick response so important when dealing with water damage issues? Studies have shown that wet drywall can become contaminated with mold and bacterial growth in as little as 48 hours. The rapid growth of toxic microbes when water infiltrates the nooks and crannies of your living space not only pose a serious health hazard, it also causes damage that increases the amount of time, money and energy that homeowners must spend to solve the problem.

The sooner that Lotus Restoration Services can have their experienced team on-site, removing and discarding wet carpeting, carpet padding, insulation, sheetrock and other materials soaked by water, the sooner we can have our high efficiency air movers and dehumifiers working hard to completely eliminate all signs of moisture that can breed bacteria and other pollutants. Our quick response means a faster return to normal living conditions for you and other members of your family, in addition to less disruption in your daily lives.

But just because we value responding quickly to your request for water damage restoration service doesn’t mean we don’t do a thorough job, inspecting all unseen and hidden areas for evidence of water seepage and water infiltration. We go the extra length to check behind cabinets and wall cavities so that no unwanted moisture remains after our crew leaves.

Our years of experience in this business has shown us that water damage usually occurs at the most inconvenient times. That’s why customers can call Lotus Restoration Services at any hour of the day or night at 480-500-5481 for fast, within the hour response. Our goal is to minimize the damage caused by water by offering you some of the fastest response times to your emergency within the restoration industry in Arizona.