In Arizona, thousands of homeowners in flood zones spend a lot of money on supplies to repair flooded spaces because they failed to implement proper preparation procedures. If you want to avoid replacing or repairing your floors and walls after a bad storm or Monsoon floods your community, you’ll need to add or update drainage, install a sump pump, make sure your windows and doors are updated and regularly check your roof for signs of damage.

Add or Update Drainage

Use gutters and downspouts to make sure water is diverted away from your home and its foundation.

Install a sump pump

Choose a cast iron pump, which may last longer, and consider buying a backup battery-powered pump in case the power goes out. Test your pump twice a year or as suggested by the manufacturer.

Check Your Roof

Make sure your roof doesn’t need a repair and the tiles or shingles are in tact and they are not damaged. If you see tiles or roof shingles displaced it can allow water to easily seep through your roof and cause water damage from an Arizona storm.

After a monsoon, it is important to call our water damage company in AZ for a proper inspection to prevent further damage and unnecessary costs.