When a water pipe bursts it is usually noticed quickly. There will be the sound of gushing water or a flooded room or a decrease in water pressure. But when a pipe cracks and a slow leak begins, it can go unnoticed until significant damage has already occured.

Cracks can happen as buildings settle or foundations shift over time. In areas where temperatures fall below freezing frozen pipes often crack when the water inside of them freezes and expands. The leaks will not be noticed until the pipes thaw.

The amount of repair and restoration required after a water leak is directly linked to the amount of water that has leaked into the interior of a home and businesss. The extent of repairs will also depend on how long the leaked water has been setting. Floors, wood, drywall, and subflooring can all be damaged. Leaking water pipes in upstairs areas can cause damage to ceilings – in extreme cases causing them to have to be replaced.

Action to Take

 Long time slow water leaks may not be noticed until damp spots appear on walls or until carpets or rugs are soaked. Once noticed, home or business owners should turn the water off properly at the main valve until the cracked pipe can be repaired or replaced.

When the the water is off, all of the standing water and moisture must be removed and the interiors professionally dried by a water damage company in Gilbert AZ, certified and trained in water removal. All of the dampness must be completely dried and the wet materials removed or there will be a risk of mold infestation.

Danger of Mold

 Mold is in the air all of the time and goes unnoticed. It is only when the mold spores find damp surfaces to adhere to that they pose a threat. In a moist environment mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours.

Mold can grow on practically any surface including on and beneath carpets, on concrete, wood, leather, cardboard, and fabric. Mold can cause a host of respiratory and health problems.

Anytime a water leak in Gilbert AZ is noticed, it is vital to quickly call a water removal company with trained technicians who can assess the damaged area in your home or business and remove moisture and effectively treat the presence of mold.