It’s monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ, and that means preparing your home for the possibility of flooding. When the waters rise, you may be the unfortunate victim of water damage in your home. While the rainy season can be unpredictable in our area, you can stay one step ahead of the extreme weather by making a disaster plan.

During the monsoon season, it’s important to be aware of rising water. One way to do this is by using a weather app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The local television and radio stations also broadcast flood alerts in your area. If you get a flood or storm warning, don’t ignore it. Prepare your family, pets and home for the possibility of rising water.

Commit to a plan when it comes to moving your family to a safe area, and make sure everyone understands where to go during an emergency. Contact your local disaster organization for information on emergency protocol, supplies and shelters before a flood occurs. Never try to wait out a flood in your home unless it would be unsafe to leave.

Prepare your home for the incoming water by removing heirlooms, electronics and important paperwork if you have time. Keep a copy of documents like birth certificates, car titles and insurance policies in a waterproof safe deposit box. Create a list of important phone numbers to contact relatives, friends and your insurance company after the flood. Don’t rely on storing phone numbers on your smartphone since it may become water damaged.

After the water event, don’t enter your home until you’ve been advised by the authorities that it’s safe. If flood water has entered your home, then try to prepare yourself for the emotional shock. It can be difficult to see the damage your house has suffered after the flood, but our water restoration team can get your home cleaned up in no time.

Call us first to return your home to its original state if you had water damage from the monsoons, so you can get back to enjoying your summer.