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Lotus Restoration Services

Yes! We are a fully licensed general contractor with a KB-2 Dual Residential and Commercial license. We are also fully bonded and insured. When you choose us for flood damage services, you can enjoy peace of mind!

No! Your duty as a policyholder is to mitigate damages immediately to protect your home or business from secondary damages. This is very important because most insurance companies’ claim processes can take days before an adjuster is assigned. Meanwhile, if you don’t start mitigating damages immediately to protect your property from additional damage, the insurance company may deny your claim. Contact us today if you need help with flood damage!

We work with them all! We are very savvy with working with all different types of insurance companies no matter how big or how small. We will act as your advocate to make sure you get your home or business restored as close as it was prior to the flood damage or loss as possible. We know all of the documentation and processes needed by insurance to make the process smoother.

Not every loss necessitates an insurance claim. Lotus Restoration prides itself on being able to evaluate damage to a property and help the home or business owner determine whether or not it is worth filing a claim. Oftentimes, we can offer a cash pay discount that will help homeowners afford the restoration work without filing a claim. We truly believe that claims should only be filed when the water damage or other damage is at least double the deductible.

We are available 24/7 for water, fire, or bio emergencies. We have live people answering our phones no matter what time you call. However, general questions, such as scheduling inquiries, are handled during regular business hours. Reach out now if you’re dealing with emergency flood damage!

Lotus Restoration was established in 2015. However, the owners of the business have over 20 years of experience in the restoration industry dealing with water damage and many other types of projects.

Each job is unique in its complexity and timeline. Lotus Restoration provides emergency water damage services as they are needed. However, we can also provide all of the repairs that your property may need. This reduces the stress on our customers so they don’t have to find a contractor to do the repairs on their own. This also minimizes downtime between the emergency work and the repair portion. Lotus Restoration will do everything we can to get your property restored as quickly as possible.

Structural drying is a time-sensitive process. The sooner professional drying equipment is set in place, the quicker the property will dry, and the less secondary damage the structure will endure. In our experience with water damage, structures can typically be dried in three to five days. However, every job is unique and there are many variables that affect drying time.