Most home and property owners in Arizona worry about water damage from a flood. Even though it’s a desert climate, flash floods do occur fairly often, so it is a concern. But a bigger concern that many people don’t even think about is water damage from an internal source. There are a number of potential sources of internal water damage in Gilbert AZ to watch out for.

1. Pipe leaks

One of the most common sources of internal water damage is leaky pipes. This can come from a burst pipe, which can happen in your Arizona homes during the rare winter nights when the temperature drops below freezing or from a slow leak that goes undetected. In either case, the water can cause significant damage that needs professional cleanup and restoration.

2. Leaky or overflowing toilets

Toilets can also be a source of internal water damage. It’s quite common for toilets to leak, either from the water line or around the base where the toilet is adhered to the floor. A sure sign that this is occurring is water stains or discoloration on the floor around the toilet. Toilets also can overflow, which can cause a huge mess, especially if it occurs during a flush. Cleaning up a toilet overflow quickly and properly is extremely important.

3. Sewer backup

One of the messiest sources of internal water damage is a sewer backup. This can happen for a number of reasons, many of which you have no control over. If you have a sewer backup, it is likely to be extremely messy and cause extensive damage. Any carpets, furniture and even drywall will likely have to be disposed of to ensure the mess is properly cleaned up and that no mold will grow.

Whether your water damage is from clean water from a burst pipe or dirty water from a sewer backup, it is best to hire a professional to do cleanup. Lotus Restoration Services can take care of any water damage job, no matter how large or small.