Biohazard Clean up, Crime Scene and Trauma Cleaning, Phoenix, Gilbert Arizona

Biological Contamination, Bio-Hazard This type of  Biohazard, Biological and Crime Scene clean-up is never easy.  Lotus Restoration Services sets the standard in compassionate care when dealing with bio-hazardous situations. We specialize in Biohazard clean up in the Phoenix AZ metro area including the East Valley Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe Arizona.

Our Bio cleaning and crime scene clean up services are very thorough and done in a quality and professional manner.

Our staff is specially trained in helping you through an event such as a sudden death, traumatic injury, catastrophic property damage or other disaster crisis.   You can be comforted in the fact that you are hiring a company that cares about you and the event you are going through.

TIP – If you are faced with a bio-hazardous situation please do not attempt to clean it up yourself as you can subject yourself to many health issues, diseases and illnesses.

Biological situations can be anything from homicide, suicide or unattended natural death, crime scene cleanings to hoarding, filth, sewage and drug paraphernalia clean-ups.  Cleanings of this nature are stressful, traumatic and often times a result of someone being very sick.  Lotus treats your confidentiality with the utmost importance, our team will discreetly work to remove all blood, bodily fluids, decomposition, odors and other bio-hazardous materials from your home or business.

With bio-hazardous cleaning there are levels of sterilizing and sanitizing that go beyond what the human eye can detect which is why it is important to leave this level of cleaning to professionals trained and experienced in a bio cleanup.  Our specialized cleaning method allows us to eliminate bacteria and viruses that are dangerous in nature so when we leave a job you can be assured that we are leaving behind an environment that is free from contaminants and odor.

Biohazard & Crime Scene Clean ups Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, and in the State of Arizona

Lotus Restoration Services is locally owned and operated.  We are licensed, bonded, insured, and able to respond 24/7 to any biologically hazardous cleanup need.  Our professional crews are equipped with the latest equipment, training and experience to quickly respond to your needs.  We have over 25 years of combined experience in the industry and know we truly care about you and have the integrity to not take advantage of you in a time of special need.  Please call us right away at (480) 500-5481

Bio-Hazard, Biological Hazard, Bio Clean-up

Lotus Services Bio-Hazard crime scene clean-up

Common causes of biohazard remediation to homes and businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and types of services we provide.

  1. Crime scene cleanup

    1. crime and trauma scene decontamination (CTS Decon)
    2. trauma cleanup
    3. blood cleanup
    4. toxic irritants
    5. other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)
  2. Accidents

  3. Suicides

  4. Homicides

  5. Unattended death and decomposition

  6. Hoarding cleanup

  7. Sewage cleanup

  8. Drug cleanup

  9. Non-blood borne organics

  10. Pathological waste


Our goal with Biohazard and Crime Scene clean up is to remove all blood and bodily fluids from the scene.  Please don’t attempt to clean up blood yourself because of the many risks involved, including the possibility of exposing yourself to AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis, and other Diseases.  Our crews are trained to quickly work in your home or business to remove contaminants.  Treatment can include  sanitizing, and sterilizing that go beyond what the eye can see.  Our equipment is designed to remove blood and bodily fluids in a controlled environment.  Our methods depend on your unique situation.

Lotus Restoration Services are experts in bio-hazardous cleanup.  We work directly for you and make sure your priorities are met and that your home and contents are handled properly and efficiently. Call us now (480) 500-5481 24hours a day/7 days a week

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I highly recommend Lotus Restoration Services - we had a flood situation in a building we manage early on a Friday morning. Jill had her team on site in a matter of minutes dealing with the situation. They were able to stop the water flow and had the affected areas dried completely by Monday morning. They were fast and efficient and solved the problem in a highly professional manner.

George B. - Chandler, AZ

If you are looking for Honesty, Integrity and Reliability in a company. You Found it here with Lotus. I would recommend them to all my friends, family and clients.

Anthony J. - Arizona

As a GC I send all of my emergency, fire, water, and mold work to Jill at Lotus. She is by far the best at what she does, I can always count on her to provide the highest quality work, stellar communication, and excellent customer service. I highly recommend Lotus Restoration Services.

Ryan S. - Arizona

Lotus Restoration and Jill responded to our call in less than an hour. They handled our water damaged ceiling and living room right away. Their customer service and honesty in helping with our insurance claim was above and beyond what we expected. The work was completed quickly and came in under their original estimate. We highly recommend Jill and Lotus Restoration.

Kenneth D. - Gilbert, AZ

1st class operation, prompt and detailed. Kept me updated through the entire process and made suggestions that help save time and money. The follow-up and follow through was excellent as having never gone through this before they set the expectations and then delivered superior service. I highly recommend this team.

Kenny K. - Mesa, AZ

Wow, I couldn't be more pleased with the response time! Within 10 minutes of reaching out I was contacted by Jill to discuss our issue and provided assistance on next steps with our water leak. Excellent customer service!

Penelope G. - Scottsdale, AZ

Lotus is the best restoration service out there. They come right away if you have something urgent. They do the job right and don't play games with you! They are completely honest and trustworthy. I wouldn't use anyone else.

Tom Speaks - Arizona