The Right Way to Clean Soot Off the Ceilings and Walls

When synthetic and natural materials burn, soot is left behind. This black residue clings to hard surfaces, ceilings and walls. Soot is a messy irritant, and it can damage the materials it touches. Therefore, you should use the right safety methods and cleaning techniques, especially when cleaning soot off the ceilings and walls.

Bio Hazard, Bio-hazardous

Biological Hazard Professional in Protective Clothing

Protect Yourself Before Cleaning

The key to properly cleaning soot from the walls is to not spread it around. Before starting the cleanup process, you should visually inspect the room that needs to be cleaned. If you touch any surfaces during the inspection, you may inadvertently transfer the residue to other surfaces or rooms. After putting on a face mask, gloves and protective clothing, open all of the room’s windows and doors. This ventilates the area, minimizing soot particle inhalation. Finally, remove all debris, so you can clean as efficiently as possible.

Use the Proper Cleaning Techniques

If you approach the cleaning process incorrectly, you may further damage the walls. Vacuuming the soot is one way to remove it. If you choose to vacuum, avoid smearing the soot by making sure the nozzle never touches the walls or ceilings.

After vacuuming, you can use a dry sponge or a degreaser-soaked sponge to wash away the soot. This method is usually an effective approach to cleaning dry soot caused by a high oxygen fire. You should avoid using soap and water; wet cleaning is more likely to smear the soot unless the soot came from a low oxygen fire. Low oxygen fires are those that smolder and leave behind wet residue.

These tips can help you clean some soot off the walls and ceilings. However, a water damage remediation technician utilizes dry cleaning chemicals and expert techniques that completely remove soot and prevent additional damage. With more than 30 years of experience in restoring smoke-damaged homes and businesses in the East Valley region and greater Phoenix, Arizona, the employees of Lotus Services know precisely how to approach every post-fire cleanup scenario.

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