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3 Simple Steps to Help Prepare Your Home for a Flood

Protecting yourself and your property from flood damage requires a multifaceted approach that may include physical changes to your home, an insurance policy, and other steps that will help you should you experience a catastrophic flood. No one wants to imagine their property destroyed by a flood, but the possibility exists even in dry states like ours. It can happen anywhere with a water source, from your toilet to your dishwasher. While this list is far from everything you need to consider, here are some simple steps you can take to start preparing your home for the event of severe water damage.


1. Create a Safe Space for Important Documents


Many of our most important documents exist solely as paper copies, even though much of our lives are digitized somewhere on a computer server. You should store documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, and various insurance documents in a watertight lock box, which you may store at your home or off-site at a facility like a bank. Further, you may want to create digital copies of those documents and store them on a cloud server located in a different geographical zone than your home.


2. Don’t Wait to Get an Insurance Policy


According to the National Weather Service, your flood insurance policy might not go into effect for a full 30 days. Securing a policy in a timely manner might mean the difference between recovery from a catastrophic flood and a repair bill you can’t afford to pay. Furthermore, you’ll want to take an inventory of all the contents of your home, so if you need to submit a claim to your flood insurance company, you’ll have evidence of what you own.


3. Keep a Water Damage Restoration Professional on Speed Dial


Water damage leads to mold much quicker than you might think. Ensure you know who you can call in your area for help whenever emergencies happen. Our team specializes in drying out indoor structures, so if you’ve experienced water damage, reach out for 24/7 emergency services as soon as you can.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand you can wave to protect your home fully from flood damage. However, the steps you take before a flood occurs can have a dramatic effect on how much damage your home sustains and the amount of time it takes to return everything to normal. If you’re looking for flood damage help in the Chandler, AZ area, give our team at Lotus Restoration Services a call today! We’re here for all your commercial and residential emergency restoration needs.