While Phoenix is known for its desert-like climate, that does not mean homes around the city are immune from suffering water damage. In fact, homes in Phoenix and surrounding communities deal with water damage each and every day. While some of these situations result from an occasional heavy rain, most often there are many other causes for these accidents that lead to significant damage inside a home. If you are curious as to the top reasons for residential water damage in Phoenix, here are the most common ones our pros here at Lotus have dealt with through the years.

Burst Pipes
If a home has an older plumbing system, it can be at greater risk of having pipes that burst or break. Whether it is from large amounts of water pressure within a pipe or ones that may succumb to rust or other factors, a pipe that starts spewing water here and there can lead to large amounts of water damage in a short period of time.

Washing Machines
From a washing machine that overflows to one that has its hose burst, many homeowners in Phoenix have found themselves dealing with the aftereffects of a laundry room disaster. If you have had such a problem, you are likely dealing not only with various types of water damage, but also the prospect of mold starting to grow in various areas that were soaked.

Leaky Roof
While most of the emphasis for water leaks is on pipes, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, a leaky roof can also lead to widespread water damage inside a home. Depending on the size of the leak, water can impact not only the roof itself, but also the attic, ceiling, and other areas. If you need roof repair in Phoenix, call a roofer but if it caused water damage call us.

Rather than find yourself trying to deal with water damage on your own, call on our pros here at Lotus Restoration Services. Offering 24/7 emergency response, we can help you out even under the most difficult of conditions. To find out how we can assist you with water damage issues and get your home looking great once again, call us at 480-500-5481.