Arizona may be a desert climate, but that doesn’t mean homes aren’t susceptible to water damages! Most people think of water damage in the form of flooded basements or burst pipes, but there are many incidences where the water damage might be much more subtle.

Be sure to look out for these lesser-known signs of hidden water damage in your home.

Your Paint Is Peeling

If the paint on your walls has begun to mysteriously peel and flake off, there could be a leaky pipe behind the wall. The exterior of your home can provide many insights about what’s going on behind-the-scenes, so don’t overlook anything that appears out-of-the-ordinary.

Sagging Ceiling

As drywall absorbs water, it becomes heavier and forms lumps in walls or the ceiling. When the “bubble” becomes to big, it will rupture, spraying the floor beneath it with paint, drywall and water. You should seek a professional at the first sign of water weight in your ceiling as their collapse poses a major safety hazard.

Higher Utility Bills

When there is a hidden leak in your house, the water bill tends to slowly elevate over time. If your usage hasn’t changed but your bill has, you can call to have your meter checked, but it’s most likely a sign that there is a leak somewhere you can’t see.

Untreated and hidden leaks can cost homeowners hundreds of extra dollars a year, so it’s important to pay close attention to your bill and make sure that it’s not giving you a warning that something isn’t right.

Structural Changes to The Roof

Annual roof inspections protect your home and do far more than just protect your heating and cooling. If there are any missing shingles, holes or gutters that appear to droop away from the house, this could indicate water build-up.

A Musty Smell

Water leads to mold growth, which can create an unpleasant, hard-to-pin-down smell. No matter how clean your house is, there may constantly be a lingering, musty odor. The air itself may also feel damper; if you notice any mold or suspect you have any, it’s crucial to call in a professional ASAP to prevent further damage and eliminate all of the associated health risks.

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