Water damage can strike your home at any time without warning. The root cause of the problem could be water leaks from the roof or faulty plumbing in Phoenix, AZ. The good news is that when you can contact us for professional restoration. Here are the signs that your home has water damage.

Musty Smell
A damp or musty smell is an indicator that your home is suffering from water damage. The odor emanates from mold has invaded your house. You won’t miss the smell since it’s strong and utterly distinct. If your indoor space feels too humid, water damage could be on the horizon as well.

High Utility Bills
If you realize that your water bills are spiking, water damage could be the issue. It could be a result of leakages from the pipes or water lines within the residence. The leaks could be silent and need a professional to detect them.

Pools of Water
Leaks and drips can lead to pools of water on the floor. Be keen to see if the puddle comes back after a short time when you clean. The bad news is that water pools are dangerous as they can cause falls and injuries. Your pets and loved ones are at risk of such accidents. In that regard, you need to take action by contacting experts to remedy the situation.

Watermarks on the Wall and Ceiling
Discoloration on the wall and ceiling is a clear sign of water damage. You might notice wet spots that don’t seem to go away. The marks will be dark such that you can tell them apart from typical stains. It is prudent to ask for help since the problem causes structural damages to the building.

Flaking, Cracking, and Bubbling
If your walls or ceiling start to flake, crack, or bubble, water damage is the issue. You will notice that paint will peel off easily. When that happens, contact us for restoration.

We serve all water damage restoration clients in Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Chandler, AZ. Our crew will do an excellent job of eliminating the water damage in your residence.