5 Tips to Review for Your Mold Removal Project

Mold removal is a complex issue that must be understood before it’s undertaken. Removing mold quickly and easily is not possible without doing the research first. Review several tips to help you succeed in removing this substance from your home.

Stop the Leaks First

In many homes, mold is caused by leakage in a faulty pipe or appliance. Not fixing the leak means allowing the mold to grow and spread.

First, find the leak by checking the walls and floors for dampness. The leak could have traveled a far distance from the mold. Locating this problem may require the use of leak detection equipment that is mainly associated with water restoration experts.

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The Work Involves More Than Wiping

Removing mold is a more difficult task than wiping it off the surface. Removing surface mold does not remove its source. The mold could reappear after a few weeks and require additional cleanings. Also, removing mold from the walls is ineffective if more grows behind the walls or within air vents.

Ignoring the Problem Is Dangerous

Failing to act on a mold problem will lead to negative results. The most visible result is the structural degradation of the walls, ceilings or floors. Then, there are mold-related health problems that threaten anyone who enters the house. Ignoring the mold and downplaying its effects will increase the health risks along with repair bills.

Use Antimicrobial Treatments

Avoid using regular treatments to get rid of mold. Use antimicrobial treatments to prevent the problem from reappearing. There are sprays available to treat certain areas and fogging tools to treat the entire room. The disinfecting agents are useful in helping to prevent the spread of illness.

Build a Mold-Resistant Home

Preventing the return of mold is part of the removal process. Mold-resistant materials are available if you need to rebuild or renovate the damaged structures. Most waterproof materials are resistant to the moisture that causes mold growth. Specially treated wood and paperless drywall are two common options for repairing homes.

The biggest problem with most homeowners is inaction – they don’t act on a problem until the damages become too severe. Another problem is lack of knowledge because they assume they can handle the problem themselves. Removing your mold problem is not effective if you make assumptions based on what you think.

Learn more about removing mold before you take on the task and then consult our mold remediation expert in your local area of Arizona.

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