Water damage can not only lead to significant problems inside a home or office but could elicit potentially serious health problems to those residing or working in these impacted structures. Compounding matters is that water damage is not always caused by a significant flood. In numerous instances, leaky roofs, pipes or other notable issues precipitate deterioration occurring at a more gradual pace.

With these facts in mind, Lotus Restoration Services, which provides water damage remediation to the residents of Mesa and adjacent Arizona regions, invites home and business owners to read this brief work discussing several obvious and subtle signs that their residence or offices might have been adversely impacted by excessive water buildup.

Stains Or Discolorations On Ceilings Or Walls

Stains, discolorations or wet spots visibly discernible on ceilings and walls are, arguably, the most obvious sign water is penetrating into a given structure. In many instances, such occurrences are emblematic of a leaking roof or pipe.

Uneven Or Excessively Moist Flooring

Water restoration professionals caution home and business proprietors to pay close attention to the floors of said entities. When floor planks stick out or buckle, unseen water damage might be to blame. Moreover, bathroom or kitchen floors that remain wet long after someone showered or cleaned said component often have been subject to excessive moisture.

Hard To Open Doors And Windows

When these components require greater effort to open and close, the underlying culprit could be water damage. Excessive water accumulation in said structures swells associated wooden frames.

Paint Damage

Contracting professionals and water restoration specialists caution individuals to pay close attention to the paint jobs inside their homes and offices. Bubbling, peeling or chipped pain is often indicative of existing water damage.

Disturbed Foundations

Cracks in the foundations of homes or buildings can often be attributed to water damage. In certain cases, said occurrences could be due to age. That said, industry professionals strongly urge those with damaged foundations to have said problem quickly investigated.

Unusual Odors

Musty odors should never be ignored. This is particularly true if the homeowner or property manager detects these smells outside of attics or basements.

Contacting Us

Home or building owners who notice any of the preceding problems are encouraged to contact us. A member of our team of licensed, insured and professional water restoration specialists can perform a thorough investigation, identify the problem and offer the most appropriate remediation strategies. More information about our water damage company and the tasks we execute call us to schedule a Free Estimate