3 Factors to Determine Arizona Water Damage & Steps to Fix It

Water damage is experienced when we have water on areas that water is not wanted. Water damage is a common occurrence in Arizona due to flash floods. In case you experience a water damage, you should ensure that there is an immediate response to the floodwater.

Factors that will determine the extent of water damage
When it comes to water damages, various factors will determine the extent of the losses that you are likely to suffer. These factors include:

• How long the floodwater will stay within your premises: After a flash flood, you are likely to experience high volumes of water. Depending on the flood water levels, the damages that you are likely to experience will vary significantly. High levels of floodwater are likely to lead to more damages to your property compared to when the water comes from leaky faucets.

• The nature of household items within your premises: There are different types of households and the damage on them will depend on their nature. Water resistant households and those made from plastics are likely to be less damaged while households made of wood and clothe are likely to experience more damages.

• The sources of the water within your premise: Water damage does not necessarily come from floods. It could originate from other sources of water such as broken water pipes. Flash floods may cause severe damages to your premises while broken water pipes will cause minor damages.

water damage arizona

Steps you could take to minimize losses from water damages
Water damages can lead to huge losses if not addressed in a professional manner. As such, you should consider taking the following steps to minimize such losses:

• You should ensure that you cut off any power sources in your premises and remove households from the flooded house immediately. Remove furniture, carpets, electronics, and clothing before they are damaged further.

• Ensure that you drain the water as quickly as possible. If the is a lot of water in your premise, you should consider using a water pump although when there is less water, manual methods will work.

• You should ensure that you dry up the affected area. High moisture levels lead to a high risk for mold damage. You could use dehumidifiers and fans to get rid of water moisture in your premise.

• You should consider disposing damaged items. Some items may sustain damages that will be beyond reusing them. In such cases, you should consider disposing such items responsibly.

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