Floods and water damage happen during the most unexpected times. Most people get caught up in the havoc without setting up any preventive measures. Depending on the severity of water or flood damage some people may decide to carry out the restoration process on their own. Some prefer calling in the professional restoration services. Both missions have one aim in mind; to prevent costs associated with not fixing water damage immediately. Here are some reasons for an immediate restoration process.

Prevent mold growth
Toxic mold thrives in the presence of moisture that water damage may offer. Mold causes health hazards to occupants of a home as well as destroying the general outlook of contaminated surfaces. These damages can be costly to repair compared to preventing them. Also, medical bills and issues could be on the rise once the toxic mold begins intoxicating your loved ones.

Prevents structural damage
If water is not drained correctly, the moisture may spell trouble for the adjacent structures. Excess moisture seeps through wood and concrete causing deterioration to its strength and ability. It leads to floors warping and rotting, roofs leaking, walls housing mold and other structural damages. Some of these damages become costly demanding for deep cleaning, repairs, and replacements. Restoration ensures that the water is completely dry to prevent these severe structural damages.

Prevents insurance penalties
Delayed water damage restorations may cause problems when filing for insurance claims. The insurance expects a homeowner to quickly handle the water damage costs before they escalate to higher prices. The insurance may decide to rule out the cover on extensive water damages citing negligence from the client’s side. You may end up covering enormous damage costs after the insurance bails out. It is vital to have a water damage restoration professional handle the recovery process for easier insurance claim filing procedures.

Thorough inspections
Even with cleaning and restoration, there is a need to inspect further for hidden problems that may be lurking. Professionals will carry special tests to examine the presence of ongoing rot, mold growth and leaks that may spell trouble in the future. With thorough inspections, you will gain the assurance that your home is safe from impending danger.

Lotus services are all about ensuring that your home and property is rightly restored from water damage in Chandler AZ. While “do it yourself” restoration may work out for you, professional restoration increases chances of a better recovery.