Seeing what appears to be a small amount of water damage in your home may not feel too jarring. In fact, you might simply ignore the spot for weeks, months or even years. While a bit of water damage in Chandler AZ isn’t always going to turn into a gargantuan problem, it certainly can. Considering the potential long-term effects of and problems associated with water damage can encourage you to hire professional assistance. We are a professional water damage company in Chandler, AZ that can help get your home or business restored to what it should be.

1. Rotting Wood from Water Damage in Chandler

One serious issue associated with water damage is rotting wood. You might see only the surface of what’s happening, but serious damage could be at work below. Just think about how rotting wood could affect the floor or the support beams in your house. With these types of issues, you don’t merely have some work to do; you have a potentially harmful situation on your hands.

2. Mold Chandler AZ

Water damage that’s left untreated can turn into a problem with mold. You may think that you’ll just wipe the mold away when it appears, but getting rid of mold isn’t always so easy. This nasty substance might keep reappearing, which would mean that you would need to have a professional mold-removal treatment performed as mold can threaten the health of you and your loved ones.

3. Ignored Leaks

If you’re ignoring the water damage, you’re also then ignoring the source of it. If, for example, you’re noticing water damage in the basement, a problem may have come into fruition with the bathroom plumbing above the space. However, if you don’t look into the water damage, you aren’t going to find the source. Then, the source of the problem will likely grow, thereby causing even more problems in your household.

4. Decreased Resale Value

Continuing to ignore the issues with water damage in your home is a problem that can negatively affect you if you try to sell the house. Chances are that prospective buyers are going to want to check for these types of issues. In the event that problems associated with water damage are found, you may have trouble selling your house or getting the price that you want for it. Even the sight of water damage can drive potential buyers away.

Water damage is more than jut a spot on the floor or the ceiling. This type of damage can cause serious problems in your home, and these problems can end up affecting you for the long haul.

If you have Water Damage in Chandler, AZ Call Lotus Restoration Services to get it fixed before it turns into mold or a bigger issue.