When most people think of asbestos, they mistakenly believe it was used only in buildings that were erected years ago. While it is true that asbestos still remains in many of today’s older buildings, many homeowners are shocked to learn their new, modern homes may still in fact contain asbestos. Though not nearly as common as in years past, many modern homes are still built using asbestos-containing materials. If you think you may have an asbestos issue at your home, you should only rely on experts who are trained in its removal, such as Lotus Restoration Services.

Trained and Certified
Since asbestos is such a harmful substance due to its links with cancer, it is crucial that any removal of it be done only by technicians who are highly-trained and certified in the process. Here at Lotus, our asbestos removal technicians receive the latest industry training and are fully aware of all state and federal regulations regarding asbestos removal.

Sealing Off the Area
When asbestos needs to be removed from a home, the area containing it must be sealed off to ensure no stray particles are released into the surrounding area. Since it is easy to breathe in asbestos particles that could over time trigger the possibility of cancer or other serious diseases, rely only on experienced technicians who know what they are doing from the moment they arrive at your home. Here at Lotus, our technicians will not only arrive at your home promptly, but also fully explain the removal process to you each step of the way.

Don’t Delay
If you suspect asbestos was used in the construction of your home, don’t delay in finding out. By calling us here at Lotus Restoration Services, we can send technicians to your home to test for the presence of asbestos. If found, we can then explain your options and answer your questions in an easy-to-understand manner.

Rather than risk you and your family becoming ill due to asbestos, call on us here at Lotus Restoration Services to give yourself peace of mind. To do so, contact us today at 480-500-5481.