Dealing with Floodwater in the Home: Flood Damage Phoenix

When you go through a flood, you mostly think about the damages as you look at the water stains on the walls and the mold on the floors. However, many people do not consider the dangers that lie hidden in standing water. Identify the risks of floodwater and then work to protect yourself and family members. Make use of water restoration companies that specialize in the task of removing tained floodwater from your home.

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The Biohazards of Floodwater

During a flood, water from the outside flows into the house and forms pools of standing water. Some of the floodwater is mixed with dirt and debris from the yard and may include pesticides, feces or sewage waste. Within this unclean water, there are different forms of bacteria and viruses that cause serious infections and diseases.

Biohazards are not visible to the eye, but after a flood, the threat is apparent to most homeowners. Floodwater looks clean but is toxic and unhealthy for anyone to drink or touch. During a flood, the water rushes in and appears everywhere on the floor, walls and ceiling. Animals are more likely to come into contact with standing water, so your job is to keep pets away from it.

Preventing further damage is the first step when you encounter flooding. Remove the water without touching it, and the best way is to let the professionals handle it.

Professional Cleaning Services

Clinics and hospitals have special methods of dealing with biohazards. The rooms and floors are cleaned and disinfected regularly by professionals. Similar to medical facilities, ensure that the rooms and floors in your home are also cleaned by professionals.

The workers at a flood restoration company are familiar with the biohazards present in floodwater. First, they wear uniforms to protect their skin during the water removal process. They know how to turn off electrical devices safely and to safeguard your personal belongings as they work.

Restoration experts use special extraction tools, which are portable or truck-mounted vacuums, that remove large volumes of standing water. They are able to remove dozens of gallons in one minute, and after a few hours, leave the entire house damp but not flooded.

There are certain safety precautions to follow after a flood. Floodwater comes from the outdoor environment, so it is unclean and full of bacteria. Avoid stepping into the house immediately and contact a company that handles the safe extraction of this water.

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