So what do you do if you find detect water damage?

We all hate it when you come home from work or church, and your home is flooding with water. Your carpet is drenching, and your walls are soaked. If unattended to the damage that water can cause can take months to recover from. The smell then that comes from soaked floors and wet carpets is disgusting, to say the least. Unfortunately, you might find yourself in such a fix either because you mistakenly left your taps open, or there has been a pipe breakage; the agony that follows is unbearable. At times water damage can come from natural causes such as heavy rainfall which can force water inside your home.

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Water Damaged Home

So what do you do if you find detect water damage?

Most people are not aware of how they should act in the unfortunate instant where they find water flooding in their homes. More often than not they take the wrong action which can either accelerate the problem or cause harm to their lives or those in close proximity. These few tips will help you to keep informed on what to do.

Do not panic

Panic can disrupt your thought process; try to remain calm so that you can objectively think your next course of action. Locate the main water valve and shut it to stop water from flooding. Do not try to find where the leakage is it will waste precious time.

Act fast

Salvage important documents and items that can get damaged fast. Also, switch off the main electric socket it is important which electricity is a good conductor of electricity. It can cause electrocution. Dial the emergency number, and if you know any disaster restoration, experts get in touch with them. If you are in Arizona, Lotus Restoration Services will respond to you in less than an hour. The experts will assess the water damage, start the restoration process.

Create a water passage

If water is still you need to map out a drainage path. The more water stands, the more damage it will cause and hence the more expensive the repairs and restoration. If possible start drying the area and other wet items that can be dried either by sunshine or any other drying mechanism you have at your disposal.

Evacuate the property

If the water damage is from a natural cause such as a storm and heavy rains, the water flow to your property will most probably be heavy to contain in the storm. Evacuate to a dry area to avoid risk to life.

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