After your home has suffered a fire, you are feeling devastated. When you look around and see the damage, you wonder if things will ever be the same. While in years past many treasured items may have been considered total losses, advances in fire and smoke damage restoration have made the impossible possible in today’s world. Here at Lotus Restoration Services, we can put our skills to work for you and your home after a fire, with the result being fire and smoke damage restoration that has to be seen to be believed.

The Smell of Smoke
Once the fire is out, the smell of smoke will permeate throughout your home. Extremely strong and persistent, you probably think your clothing, furniture, and other aspects of your home will never smell pleasant again. However, we can change all that here at Lotus. Using our advanced cleaning methods and solutions, we can rid your home of the smells of smoke in a short period of time, helping you feel that things can in fact get back to normal.

Restoring Your Property
Whereas in years past much of your furniture, documents, and other items would not be able to be salvaged following a fire, today’s technology has changed all that for the better. In fact, our experts here at Lotus Restoration Services are known all around Phoenix and elsewhere for their ability to restore all types of property after a fire. Whether you have family heirlooms, important documents from work, or other items you think are ruined, let us at Lotus put our skills to work for you.

24/7 Service
When your home has suffered a fire and has been heavily damaged, you need help as quickly as possible. By relying on us here at Lotus, you will have access to 24/7 emergency service. Should you now be suffering the devastation of a fire at your home, turn to fire and smoke damage experts you can rely on and trust. To get started, contact us here at Lotus by calling 480-500-5481 or filling out our online form for a free evaluation.