While a fire in your home or place of business will do extensive damage, that does not mean all is lost. With fire and smoke damage creating a messy situation, it’s crucial to start repairing the damage as soon as possible. Surprisingly to people, much of what gets damaged during a fire can be salvaged if repairs begin as soon as possible.

If your home or business in Phoenix has been damaged by fire and smoke, here are some services available to help repair your property and salvage your belongings.

fire damage

Smoke and Soot Removal
Once a fire has been put out, there is unfortunately much smoke damage as well as soot that needs to be removed. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, virtually any items damaged by smoke and soot can be repaired to look almost brand new.

Furniture and Document Restoration
Of particular importance to businesses, furniture and document restoration can be crucial to ensuring paperwork that is needed for a variety of situations can be recovered and restored. Along with this, furniture that has been damaged can be restored as well, saving potentially thousands of dollars in having to purchase new furniture.

Electronic Cleaning
While initially you may think computers, phones, copiers, and other electronics involved in a fire will be lost, the fact is today’s technology allows many of these items to be cleaned and able to be put back to use. One of the most popular services offered, it can also save a company thousands or even millions of dollars if new equipment does not have to be purchased and installed.

Air Duct Cleaning
When a fire occurs and smoke and soot get into air ducts, the HVAC system for a home or business cannot be used until it has been cleaned and restored. Fortunately, today’s modern fire damage clean-up techniques now allow for air duct cleaning. By doing so, the building will be able to resume normal services or a home moved back into much quicker, saving time as well as money.

Cabinetry Restoration
If a fire started in the kitchen, chances are the cabinetry in the room sustained severe damage. However, this too can be restored to its original look and finish. Using advanced cleaning techniques and systems, the process can be done in a timely manner, enabling the room where the damage occurred to be used against much faster than anyone may have anticipated.