When flood waters flow into a house, the currents will soak any items that aren’t several feet above the ground. After furniture pieces and carpeting fibers are soaked, the water lingers for a while because both items have nooks and crannies that hold water. If proper drying procedures aren’t implemented quickly, deterioration and mold growth may occur. Although the process of drying thick carpets and plush carpeting seems time consuming, you can completely remove all lingering water within a few hours by using a few easy strategies.

1. Run Box Fans and Ceiling Fans With the HVAC System

Box fans and ceiling fans produce a pleasant breeze that can blow over and around soaked carpeting. However, because the temperature of the air that’s generated by these gadgets isn’t hot, the currents can’t evaporate moisture quickly. This is why an HVAC system is beneficial during an air drying job following a flood in Mesa AZ. If you run your system with various fans, the ceiling fans will push hot air throughout the environment and the box units will direct currents to specific zones around damp furniture.

In order to get the best results, you’ll have to run the HVAC system’s hottest heat setting. The best time to tackle this job is when everyone is out of the house. If you wait until everyone is gone, you can blast all of the fans and the HVAC system constantly until everything is completely dry.

2. Position Soaked Pieces in Direct Sunlight

In Arizona, the sun shines throughout most days during summer and spring, so you won’t have any problems finding a spot for your soaked furniture. This tactic can provide practical results; however, it isn’t the best solution for expensive furniture. The problem is that heat from the sun can make some fabric stiff. In order to restore a fabric’s softness after it dries in direct sunlight, you’ll have to use a fabric steamer.