Here’s What To Do If You Have a Roof Leak in Arizona

Over the years, your roof will weaken due to the elements. Therefore roof leaks are almost inevitable for most people.

However, a leaking roof in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas can give your home water damage and mold if you don’t get these problems fixed within 48 hours of the issue’s first appearance.

The following tips will give you ways to deal with your leaky roof

How To Deal With Water Damage In Your Home

  1. If you have a leaky roof, items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and heirlooms could get damaged by the water leaking into your home. Move these items to a dryer part of your home. If you have furniture that you cannot move, cover these pieces with a large piece of plastic.
  2. Collect the water from the leak with a bucket from your home. Place the bucket directly under the roof’s leak. If water is going from the bucket onto your floor, take a piece of string and pin it to the ceiling. Let the droplets travel down your string into the waiting bucket.
  3. A leaky roof could cause your ceiling to blister or bubble. If you’re currently experiencing this situation, take a pin and poke a hole in the bubble. The bubble’s water will then get released.

How To Find and Fix The Roof Leak

  1. If possible, trace the start of your leak to your attic. You’ll want to search for discolorations, stains, or watermarks that come from moisture.
  2. Just because you have a crack in your roof does not mean that this is the location where the water is entering your home. Water could go down beams and trusses from the roof’s entry point until it finds a weak spot on the floor of your attic. This could cause a leak in your home.
  3. There are a lot of things that could cause your roof to leak. Some of these causes could include old shingles, a flashing pipe, malfunctioning moisture barriers, clogged downspouts and/or gutters, missing shingles or caps.
  4. Twice a year, get your roof inspected and your downspouts and gutters cleaned out. This will prevent future roof leaks and will also keep you from dealing with water damage for the foreseeable future.
  5. If you don’t want to do the tasks listed here, enlist the help of a water damage restoration company.

If you think you have Water Damage from a Roof Leak in Phoenix, AZ call us today for help at 480-500-5481 for a complete Water Damage Assessment

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