Overflowing water can do a lot of damage to a home. However, if the overflowing water came from a toilet, there are even more reasons for concern. If the water included even a small amount of sewage, the area around the toilet could become contaminated with bacteria and other harmful substances. In addition, overflowing toilet water and sewage is just plain gross. The good news is that quick action can limit the damage that an overflowing toilet can cause. Obviously if it just overflowed but was contained just call a local plumber in Phoenix.

Stop the Flow

The first step to dealing with an overflowing toilet is to stop the flow. Every toilet should have a shutoff valve on the supply line that runs between the toilet’s tank and the wall or floor. If there is no valve, the water supply for the home may need to be turned off.

Remove the Excess

Once the water is stopped, the water should be removed using a water safe vacuum. The water needs to be removed as quickly as possible before it can soak into the surrounding materials. If there are solids in the water, such as toilet paper or feces, they need to be cleaned up, placed into a plastic bag and disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Dry and Clean

The hard work begins once the majority of the water has been removed. The area around the toilet needs to be dried. This may mean using a mop to pick up the water or the use of fans to help surfaces dry faster. The typically dry air in Arizona will help wet areas to dry quickly, but fans and open windows will accelerate the drying process. In the case of carpet, drywall, hardwood floors and other materials that can become saturated with water, the materials may need removed and replaced.

Professional Cleaning

A bleach solution or a special cleaner may be needed to sanitize any area that contacted sewage and other contaminants. Though homeowners may be able to properly clean up an area contaminated with sewage, this is one job that is probably best left to professionals. Even a trace amount of sewage that is left untreated can create a significant health hazard.

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