Whether you’ve had some pipes burst, a roof that sprang a big leak, or maybe been the victim of Mother Nature and suffered through a flood, there’s a good chance your home now has mold. While there will be plenty that is clearly visible, there will also be more that you won’t be able to see. If you choose to ignore this part of your mold problem in Phoenix, you are only setting the stage for more problems in the future. To keep this from happening, make a call to us here at Lotus as soon as possible.

What Problems Can I Expect?
Since you won’t be able to easily get to the mold that is growing within your walls and underneath your floors, it will only continue to spread and get worse. As a result, it will lead to many problems you may not have anticipated. Some of these may include structural damage to your home’s walls and other areas, which could result in costly repairs. In addition, mold is well-known for making certain health conditions worse, especially asthma and allergies. Rather than subject your home, you and your family, and even your pets to the problems associated with mold growth, let us here at Lotus resolve your mold issues.

Is Mold Remediation Complicated?
While getting rid of mold in homes is not easy, it is by no means impossible. Once you call on experts from Lotus, our experienced technicians will arrive and begin to assess the area. Once done, they will also examine your home’s structure and items that have been affected to determine what can be restored. Once the job is ready to begin, technicians can employ state-of-the-art HEPA vacuum systems and air filters, all of which will result in rapid mold remediation.

Since you want to keep your home in great shape and also have your family be as healthy as possible, don’t procrastinate about mold growth. Instead, contact us here at Lotus Restoration Services to find out how we can solve your problems. To do so, call us at 480-500-5481 or request your evaluation today at lotusservicesaz.com.