All professional mold inspectors, mold remediation consultants, and mold remediation technicians must have been trained by an accredited training school, and all must meet the minimum continuing education requirements for their field. Professional certification requirements vary by state. Arizona mold inspection companies are required to be licensed by the Arizona Corporation Commission, also known as the Arizona Corporation Regulator. Although most companies are required to be certified by the Arizona Corporation Commission, not all are.

Certified mold remediation and mold removal company will have the experience and knowledge necessary to perform a mold inspection and remediation on-site as needed. If your building has been affected by mold damage or if you have visible mold on your property, your first step should be a site visit by a certified inspection company and/or mold remediation expert. Your second step should involve an assessment of the extent of the damage and what remedial steps will need to be taken. It is recommended that you contact a commercial mold removal company for an initial assessment of the problem and discuss your options for cleaning and restoration.

Mold inspections and mold removal can take many forms and are often intertwined with different services. Inspectors will identify areas of concern, begin cleaning and restoring the space, and may recommend the use of mold inhibitors or other strategies to prevent future mold growth. There are several types of mold that may grow on a structure, including: wet/dry (W/D), wet/dry microbial (W/M), and humid/dry (D/D). Some types of mold are better controlled by moisture, while others are more resistant to moisture. Mold inspectors and mold removal professionals in Phoenix are often able to make the correct diagnosis and recommend the best course of action.