If your home has existing water damage, the high and dry heat of the Arizona climate can cause mold to grow and spread and be dangerous. If not promptly treated by a professional, your mold problem can cause a host of ailments, including chronic respiratory illnesses in your whole family, your pets included. Mold can cause an effect on your internal organs as well as cause skin irritation depending on your level of sensitivity and how long you have been exposed. If you suspect you have an infestation of mold, have it assessed by a professional and treated right away to protect yourself and the structural integrity of your home.

You Can Suffer From Respiratory Distress

Whether the mold acts to exacerbate and make worse existing problems or it causes you to develop new ones, mold poses a serious threat to your breathing. Many people develop an allergy to the mold itself, presenting as difficulty breathing, itchy and runny eyes or a dripping nose. Prolonged exposure to the mold can cause airway and breathing problems even in people who have had no difficulty in the past.

It Can Negatively Impact Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Even in the dryness of Arizona, having mold in your home can contribute to dampness and moisture in the air. This can seep into the wooden fixtures and building materials of your home and if they are not treated with haste, they can cause buckling of the frame and other serious structural damage. A professional company can see exactly what the problem is and work with you to create an action plan for dealing with it.

It Can Put Your Whole Household At Risk

Mold is something that we rarely see unless we are looking for it yet it has spores that can permeate the air and affect all in the home. It is important to the health of all, from the most elderly to the youngest, to have a professional water damage service in Arizona come out and provide treatment for you.

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