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Mold on the Bathroom Ceiling or in the home in Gilbert, AZ?

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As you’re frantically racing to get ready for work in the morning, you might not pay too much attention to what the bathroom looks like. Instead, a pile of clothes and towels may fester on the floor until Friday. When the time comes for Saturday cleaning, however, you might notice that black mold has started to take over the bathroom ceiling.

Professional Assistance 
While your first thought might be to grab a rag and wipe the mold away, hiring Mold Removal professionals like our company Lotus Restoration Services is generally the more suitable idea. Black mold can cause serious health complications, so taking risks with it is unwise. People often turn to other methods for getting rid of the mold, but, as you’ll see, problems exist with each of these strategies.

Home Cleaning Solutions
Once you realize mold is growing on the bathroom ceiling, you may quickly grab a rag and some cleaning solution to wipe it away. This strategy may temporarily eliminate the substance, but you’ll probably see it quickly grow back again. The time and money that you spend on attempting to solve the problem alone could be put toward a professional cleaning that actually works.

Mold-resistant Paint 
Another option for covering up the old is to paint the ceiling with a mold-resistant product. While aesthetically pleasing, you may not know if the mold is truly gone beneath the layer of paint. Consider the fact that many bathrooms are on the smaller side and often lack major ventilation. You are, therefore, potentially trapping yourself in a smaller space with black mold. Opting for a professional cleaning allows you to have greater confidence that the mold is actually gone and not merely hidden.

Covering up Mold
Regardless of what method you use at home for visually eliminating the mold, you might not actually be getting rid of the problem. Whether it is due to a lack of ventilation or unknown water damage, the mold is coming from somewhere. A team of experts can determine why the mold exists in the first place. Instead of simply covering up these black specks, you can have the problem taken care of for good.

Seeing mold on the bathroom ceiling or in the home at the end of a long work week is certainly an annoyance. Fortunately, you can hire a mold removal company like ours in Gilbert AZ to take care of the problem and to provide you with suggestions for preventing mold from returning.