When there has been a significant leak, albeit from faulty plumbing, a bad storm, or external damage to your home, you need a reliable mold removal and restoration company. One of the first things that you notice when you enter a structure with mold is the smell. Here’s the way to get better smelling interiors so that you don’t mind entering the structure or entertaining guests in your home.

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Combat mold in a home

1. Eliminate the source of moisture that is promoting the growth of mold. If there is a water leak or a place where damp air is allowed to enter the structure, this must be corrected first.

2. Have professionals address the problem of mold with reliable removal techniques. This means some amount of scrubbing and actual physical removal of mold-contaminated surfaces and materials. For example, moldy walls that are simply painted over will not have that same smell of a clean home because the owner took a shortcut at removing the old paint containing mold.

3. Restore the affected structural components with new materials. This could include replacement of carpentry, tile, carpeting, paint, metals, and other building materials that were scrubbed free of mold. If there was no damage to the integrity of the building components after mold removal, then the restoration work may be minimal.

Allowing mold to build up and colonize one or more areas of a building or home creates odors and causes a potential health hazard to occupants. It’s important to remove mold and sources of moisture so that you can restore a pleasant smell to the building’s interior. You should get a free quote on mold removal and restoration services and only pay for the amount of work that you need. If there is some preliminary work that you can do yourself, such as bleaching walls and floors, you can do this before you hire a mold removal contractor with a proven reputation in Arizona.

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