When Water Damage Turns to Mold, What Do You Do?

Mold is a threat to the structural integrity of a building and can pose hazardous health problems for anyone who lives or works in the building. While it is possible to clean your home or business yourself, you run the risk of spreading mold spores and exacerbating the problem if you are unfamiliar with mold cleanup. At Lotus Contracting Services, we are proud to serve Arizonians by helping them eliminate mold and remove hazardous living conditions.
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Mold Removal Comes First

Before we can restore the wall, floorboard, trim and other interior structures, we must first remove the mold. We will tear out any pieces that are severely infected with mold and use a strong custom-made cleaning solution to remove less severe cases that have not infected the structural integrity of your home or business. It is impossible to remove all mold throughout a home (because mold spores can come in via pets, clothing and windows), but we will remove all visible mold and thoroughly clean all surrounding areas. We will ensure that your mold problem does not repeat itself and is not hazardous to your loved ones.

Mold Restoration Comes Second

Identifying where the water came from is vital to protecting your home or business against future mold problems. We need to know where the water came from so that we can fix the leak, reroute the plumbing or perform other services to make it impossible for the water to come back. Without restoring the area, the water will come back and so will your mold. Our mold restoration services also includes replacing any of the building materials that were removed such as drywall, wooden beams or trim areas.

Final Cleaning Comes Last

Before we leave any home or business after providing mold remediation services, we will perform a final cleaning. This is important because mold spores can exist in the area after cleaning and we want to make sure that we use a variety of air purifiers that can filter out the tiniest mold spores. You can rest assured that our services will leave your home free of mold for good.

In Arizona and in need of mold removal services? Contact us at 480-500-5481. We serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and the surrounding area. Mold is a hazardous health problem and a disaster for building structures when left untreated. Don’t make the mistake of “waiting” to address the problem, call us today and let us help.

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