Suffer Fire And Smoke Damage In Your Phoenix Area Home?

If you suffered a fire at your home, you are reeling from the experience. While the fire was put out and there many have been minimal structural damage to your home, the ensuing smoke and water damage probably left many of your possessions in ruins. While it looks to you as if nothing is salvageable,

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Think You Might Have Mold In Your Tempe Home?

Since the climate in Arizona is generally hot and dry, most people never think about the possibility of having mold in their homes. However, should you have a pipe that bursts, a basement that gets slightly flooded, or a water heater or toilet with a leak that goes undetected, mold spores can flourish and start

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Which Is the Best Water Damage Company in Arizona

Many residents in Arizona prefer hiring the best water damage restoration company. Most of the firms available try to convince homeowners that they are the best. There are several factors to check out so that you can hire the best company. Hiring the best company comes with several benefits. For instance, the quality of services

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Common Water Damage Emergencies And How We Can Help

Whenever you go to work or on vacation, the last thing on your mind is having a water damage emergency when you return home. However, whether you've been gone only a few hours or several days, a burst pipe or water heater that leaks can quickly add up to significant water damage inside your home.

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4 Tips For Preventing Water Damage Inside Your Home

Water can precipitate significant and expensive damage to a home's interior and exterior, decrease said dwelling's aesthetic appeal and potentially elicit discernible health problems. Preventing water damage from occurring might prove crucial to avoiding these problems. Lotus Restoration Services, which provides remediation to structures impacted by flooding, fire and other natural phenomena, invites the residents

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Water Damage 101: What To Know

If your home has recently suffered water damage, there are ways that you can tackle the issue without adding more to your plate. To ensure that the problem gets fixed promptly and efficiently, here are some suggestions to heed and information to be aware of. Act Fast Whether there’s been a flood, a burst pipe,

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6 Signs Of Water Damage

Water damage can not only lead to significant problems inside a home or office but could elicit potentially serious health problems to those residing or working in these impacted structures. Compounding matters is that water damage is not always caused by a significant flood. In numerous instances, leaky roofs, pipes or other notable issues precipitate

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3 Benefits of Using Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage can happen inside your home or business due to many different reasons. Reaching out to a company that specializes in water damage restoration in Arizona is a great way to limit damage and prevent the growth of mold or bacteria. These professionals can quickly restore your home or business while saving you a

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3 Reasons To Hire A Fire Restoration Team In Phoenix, AZ

Your world can be turned upside down in a fire, especially after you survey the damage. Between the emotional fallout, the insurance claims and the upheaval to your daily routine, trying to put the pieces back together can be tough. Before you begin the hard job of fire restoration on your own, consider these reasons

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Prepare Your Home For Monsoon Season In Phoenix AZ

It’s monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ, and that means preparing your home for the possibility of flooding. When the waters rise, you may be the unfortunate victim of water damage in your home. While the rainy season can be unpredictable in our area, you can stay one step ahead of the extreme weather by making

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