5 Benefits of Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold thrives in all areas, including dry Arizona, provided there is moisture. The spores can cause severe damage to your home or business if not removed. You need a professional to get rid of the biological contaminants so that it won’t grow back. Here are the benefits that come with mold removal and remediation. Reduces

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How to Prevent Water Damage Plumbing Emergencies

From leaking toilets, to a backed up kitchen sink, there is never a convenient time to experience a plumbing emergency. Occurring at any time of day or night, nothing is worse than the unexpected expense of plumbing issues. Excessive rain and cold weather conditions can wreak havoc on plumbing pipes. Here are a 3 ways

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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies In Scottsdale?

If you're like most people, you give little thought to the water that is running through your home's pipes day and night. That is, until one of your home's pipes bursts and you suddenly have water going everywhere. When this happens, it is a plumbing emergency that requires the skills of experts. If you're wondering

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7 Steps In The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Few events cause more damage to a home or building than fire. Fortunately, however, entities known as fire restoration companies might be able to help a homeowner or building proprietor save and ultimately restore such structures. Lotus Restoration Services, which provides fire restoration services in Phoenix and neighboring Arizona regions, shares several critical steps necessary

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Complete Water Damage Restoration Service in Arizona

In this generation, water restoration services in Arizona have become a necessity in every household due to changing weather conditions. Excess moisture and water have a detrimental impact on homes, such as fostering the growth of molds and disease-causing organisms. In addition, stagnant water is a breeding site for mosquitos and other harmful insects. Therefore,

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Top 3 Hazards of Mold in Arizona

If your home has existing water damage, the high and dry heat of the Arizona climate can cause mold to grow and spread and be dangerous. If not promptly treated by a professional, your mold problem can cause a host of ailments, including chronic respiratory illnesses in your whole family, your pets included. Mold can

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Need Asbestos Removed From Your Tempe Home Or Business? Call Lotus

While many people assume asbestos is long gone from buildings today, that is not always true. While many modern buildings of course do not contain asbestos, there are thousands of homes, businesses, and other structures where this potentially dangerous material can be found. Since asbestos has been linked to various types of cancer and other

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Suffer Fire And Smoke Damage In Your Phoenix Area Home?

If you suffered a fire at your home, you are reeling from the experience. While the fire was put out and there many have been minimal structural damage to your home, the ensuing smoke and water damage probably left many of your possessions in ruins. While it looks to you as if nothing is salvageable,

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Think You Might Have Mold In Your Tempe Home?

Since the climate in Arizona is generally hot and dry, most people never think about the possibility of having mold in their homes. However, should you have a pipe that bursts, a basement that gets slightly flooded, or a water heater or toilet with a leak that goes undetected, mold spores can flourish and start

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Which Is the Best Water Damage Company in Arizona

Many residents in Arizona prefer hiring the best water damage restoration company. Most of the firms available try to convince homeowners that they are the best. There are several factors to check out so that you can hire the best company. Hiring the best company comes with several benefits. For instance, the quality of services

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