Do You Have to Be Concerned about Flooding and Water Damage in Arizona?

Much of Arizona is known for having hot, dry weather through much of the year with a slight cooling effect during the winter. The Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson areas are known for their dry conditions with rain occurring infrequently during much of the year. Because of these conditions, you may feel that flooding and water

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4 Ways to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Arizona Home

Despite being associated more with a dry climate, Arizona still experiences humid weather. Any homeowner who has experienced a mold problem in the Copper State knows this to be true. Mold has the ability to grow and spread in some of the most difficult environments. This fungus can live in walls, under floors, in showers

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Easy Ways to Air Dry Carpets and Furniture After A Flood in Mesa AZ

When flood waters flow into a house, the currents will soak any items that aren't several feet above the ground. After furniture pieces and carpeting fibers are soaked, the water lingers for a while because both items have nooks and crannies that hold water. If proper drying procedures aren't implemented quickly, deterioration and mold growth

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3 Facts About Flooding and the Owners of Flooded Homes

There are many misconceptions about floods and flood insurance. You don't need this type of coverage if you live near the coast, and not all rivers are equipped with levees. Here are several facts about flooding to consider. Most People Don't Have Flood Insurance At the national level, only about 20% of U.S. homeowners have flood insurance.

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Water Damage in Arizona – Why You Need to Act Immediately to Minimize it!

Water Damage in Arizona Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and rapid response is key to preventing further damage to your home or property. It can cause thousands of dollars of destruction by damaging wood furniture, baseboards and cabinets, as well as flooring, electronics, appliances and plumbing equipment. In some cases, structural damage to

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Why You Should Fix Water Damage in Arizona Quickly

Water Damage In Your Arizona Home Water damage is one of the most potent health issues in the society around many places in Arizona. From floods to in-house water leakages, the damage caused by such eventualities is extensive and requires lots of resource investment to recover. Flooding in your house and compound comes with some

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3 Reasons Why DIY Mold Removal is So Difficult in Mesa AZ

Mold Removal in Mesa AZ Although you likely know that mold should not appear in your house, you might fail to take the necessary steps to properly eliminate it. Wiping the substance up with an old rag or spraying some bathroom cleaner on it may not actually get rid of the problem. Consider the reasons

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The 5 Most Common Spots for Mold in Your Arizona Home

Mold is a dangerous substance because it can cause allergies, can mar wood, drywall, carpet and more in your home and can cause chronic health problems. The battle against mold must be a constant one in which you carefully protect your home from mold and find quick help when you find moldy patches. These five

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Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

What is water damage?  Water damage is any loss that you suffer in your home or office that resulted from the effects of water accessing your property. Water damage can be as a result of natural disasters such as flooding, thunderstorms, and hurricanes or from faulty plumbing systems that lead to water leakage. Damages from

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How to Take on Common Types of Water Damage in Your Fountain Hills Home

Water Damage Fountain Hills When you think about water damage, the first thing that comes to mind is devastating floods that bring a foot or more of water into your home. However, there are minor signs of water damage that happen all the time. These problems need to be taken care of as well to

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