When your home or business suffers a fire, you’ll be dealing with significant amounts of damage. However, while you will likely be focused primarily on the damage caused by the actual fire, there will also be much damage done by the smoke. In fact, some situations have the smoke doing more harm than the fire itself. Though it may initially seem as if nothing can be done, the experts at Lotus can do far more than you ever imagined.

Furniture and Document Restoration
Though your building’s furniture and various documents may appear ruined, there is a good chance they can be saved and restored to excellent condition. By using state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration techniques and equipment that only experienced fire and water damage professionals possess, Lotus technicians can bring your items back to life.

Air Duct Cleaning
Once the fire has been put out and you are starting to get things back to normal, the last thing you need is to turn on your AC unit and find smoke and soot being spread once again from one room to another. To prevent this, Lotus technicians can perform air duct cleaning as part of your fire and smoke damage restoration. By doing so, you can once again be breathing clean air without worry of getting sick by unknowingly breathing in toxic substances left over from the fire.

Smoke Odors
Even after a relatively small fire that may have done little structural damage, there will be lingering smoke odors in your furniture, carpeting, walls, and many other places. If this is not addressed quickly, you will be smelling these strong odors for a long period of time or perhaps forever. Rather than let this happen, you can rely on Lotus technicians to use the most advanced cleaning methods available today to rid your home or business of disgusting smoke odors.

Should you be wondering what to do next after your home or business was damaged by a fire, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us here at Lotus Restoration Services. To do so, call us 24/7 at 480-500-5481.