Basements can be prone to taking on water even in non-flood conditions. If that scenario is present with your home, then you likely have a sump pump or even two. The role of the pump is to mitigate the collection of water. There is usually a sump pit. Water will flow into that pit. The pump is situated in that pit and is able to pump water out of the home far enough away that it will not reenter the basement.

Generally, sump pumps will fail during a water event. The water event doesn’t necessarily have to be severe. There just has to be enough rain that the pump is doing its job. This is why you should have your sump pump inspected regularly and generally just before the rainiest season.

Assess the Water Situation

Is the buildup so severe that you are in danger? If so, you should leave the home right away and find a safe place where you can make some phone calls. If there is no risk to your health, then you should assess the situation, determine if any short-term mitigation is available and decide how to proceed.

Contact a Water Remediation Specialist

If water is pooling beyond the area where it normally flows to the sump pit, then it is generally recommended that you hire a water damage company in Phoenix. If you will need a specialist, then it is generally recommended that you call them right away even in the middle of the night.

Contact a Plumber

If don’t need a water damage pro, you will still need a plumber to get that sump pump back up and running or perhaps replaced. If you do need a water damage pro, you’ll need to coordinate with them concerning the plumber in Phoenix. The environment may be unsuitable for a repair at the moment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

As a rule of thumb, if you need to involve a water damage remediation specialist, you’ll want to involve your insurance company as well. Contact them even if it is the middle of the night. Most insurers have hotlines available so that you can get the ball rolling on a claim no matter the time.

Moving Forward

Your remediation specialist will work to ensure that the area is completely dry. Your plumber will work to ensure that your pump or pumps are working as expected. The specialist may also treat the area for mold to ensure that it doesn’t get a foothold in the days ahead.