If you do not want your family to experience nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, skin irritation, and other health problems related to mold, there are steps you can take to eliminate its growth in your home. It is important to realize that mold grows where there is moisture. Use these tips to eliminate moisture and the eventual growth of mold.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

Controlling moisture in your home is key to preventing the growth of mold. Keep the humidity level at under 60 percent. It only takes about two days for mold to grow, so be quick about cleaning up wet materials.

Before putting items away in closets and cupboards, be sure they are dry. Repair leaks immediately. Take steps to improve airflow in your home. This could include opening the windows more often to improve ventilation. Also, consider improving basement ventilation by installing a dehumidifier, insulating the walls, or setting up a foundation drain.

If you see mold growing on the walls, using a cleaning solution that can kill the mold may be possible. However, if the mold is growing on drywall and other porous materials, cleaning solutions may not be enough to tackle the job. This is a situation where professionals need to take over.

The bathroom is one place where mold growth is often seen. Use mold-killing chemicals, like bleach, to clean areas where mold often grows. Replace caulking or sealant affected by mold. Improve air ventilation by installing a fan in each bathroom and opening the windows when possible. After bathing and showering, use a squeegee or towel to dry the walls and tub. Wash and dry bathroom mats and towels regularly.

Know When to Call a Mold Removal & Remediation Professional

Homeowners can take practical steps to prevent the growth of mold in their home. They may be able to use bleach and other cleaning products to remove mold in some areas. However, it is important to know when professional help is needed.

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