After a natural disaster, you are mostly stressed and frustrated. Most of all, you want to return to your house and get back to normal as soon as possible. To save money, you do much of the flood cleanup yourself. Not wanting to pay for hotel bills, you decide to move back into the house too quickly. However, staying in a water-damaged home comes with a variety of risks and dangers.


Piles of debris are found in one flooded home. When you walk into the home, you notice the flood line and see that everything below the line is damaged. The wall paint is peeling off in flakes, cracks are visible and pieces of house are scattered on the floor.

First, watch your steps as you walk around the house. Debris could lodge into the skin and cause infections. Hire professionals to clean up the debris and make it easier to clean the floor.


Mold is a serious hazard that affects your respiratory and neurological health. You could face a variety of problems like asthma, allergies and fungal infections. Some problems are simple to cure, while others cause long-term health effects.

Find mold growing in any damp place from the wall to the ceiling. It’s a more serious threat when the mold grows hidden from view. Also, mold spores spread easily throughout the air and move from location to another.

Water Damaged Basement, Water Extraction, Water Removal


A flooded house is decrepit with pests coming in and out. Water damage opens up many holes in the walls and floors, making it easy for rats and roaches to enter. And with more serious problems going on, you have to put pest control on the bottom of the list.

Falling Structures

In the worst cases, parts of the house fall down around you. Some people have been trapped by fallen debris that they could not free themselves from. A fallen pillar could break alimb or fall on top of the head and cause severe head injuries.

Some people think that they can brave the dangers of water-damaged homes. They assume that they can tiptoe around the house and ignore the health effects of water damage. In truth, anyone could become injured or seriously ill after spending one day in a decrepit home. Then, there will be more bills to pay for medical injuries. After a flood, make sure that your home is entirely safe before you resettle.

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