What You Need to Know About Water Damage in Arizona

When purchasing or renting a house in Arizona, an individual never predicts the possibilities of damages as a result of rain, storm, fire or debris. When a storm passes near a house, the homeowner may have to deal with water damages. This is a huge loss with many repairing costs involved. There are also plenty of ways a family can contribute to water damages either from the house or the sources of water in the compound. During a storm, there can be contamination. Contaminated storm or floods contain pathogens. These pathogens can become a breeding place for mold. If the mold is not dealt with immediately, there will be festering of the mold spores in the building. This makes it harder to remove the spread of molds.

water damage arizona

Water Damage Restoration Arizona

In other cases, government agencies condemn the building by labeling it a threat to humanity. That is why there is the need for a certified professional to deal with water damages. Lotus Contracting Services is a key game player in saving homeowners from damages incurred by water, molds, and flood. Being a woman-owned enterprise, homeowners should expect order and prior preparation from the company. The company was formed in 2015. New as it is in the industry, the owners have massive experience in water damage control. Our experiences total to thirty years in the industry. Lotus Contracting Services was founded with the objective of developing a new modern standard in the industry of restoration. The company has a high standard of integrity, honesty as well as compassion to human and animals.

According to our beliefs, not all damages are entitled to insurance claims. Since the company holds that opinion, Lotus Contracting Services has made it possible for homeowners to deal with water damages without involving insurance companies. The teams of professionals combine talent and expertise in delivering prompt and successful recovery in cases of property loss due to water or flood damage. Lotus Contracting Services manages disasters caused by water through handling emergency plumbing repairs, fire, smoke damage restoration, asbestos removal and water damage restoration.

Additionally, the company synergizes modern technology in ensuring client safety at home. Our core objective as a team is restoring customer property to how it was initially. The team prides itself in having the ability to offer emergency response through efficient evaluation of situations. It also provides services for cleaning up the house after restoration. With Lotus Contracting Services, flood, water and mold restoration is possible.

If you think you have a Water Damage problem in Arizona contact our experts today!

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