What To Do When You Have Water Damage in Your Commercial Building

Arizona has hot temperatures, so you probably don’t think that water damage can occur in a commercial property. While it seldom rains in this region, when it does, you may learn that you have a leaking roof on your commercial building.

In the states where rainstorms occur frequently, property owners notice when a building’s roof has a small leak, but you may not think about inspecting a building’s rooftop in Arizona. If a roof on a building is damaged, then when a torrential rainstorm occurs, the rainwater will seep underneath the shingles.

Immediate Responses To Telephone Calls

Occasionally, a major rainstorm does occur in Phoenix, and not only can a building’s roof leak, but also, the rainwater may create flooding conditions. When your commercial business is flooded by rainwater or the rooftop on a structure leaks, you must contact a water damage company immediately for assistance. An emergency water damage team can arrive at a residential or commercial property in less than an hour to begin the cleaning process.

Installation of Tarps On a Rooftop

First, the restoration technicians must determine why a building is flooded with water, and a property owner must fix the problem to prevent additional water damage. If a roof is leaking, then the team of technicians can place a tarp over the roof to protect a structure’s underlying materials. This is often necessary because a roofing company isn’t available right away to make the essential repairs.

Emergency Restoration Teams Work On a 24-hour Basis

When a water-damaged building doesn’t have any power to use industrial-strength fans or dehumidifiers, the remediation company will use a generator to operate the equipment. To remove standing water, the technicians will install a sump pump. The moisture in a water-soaked business requires fast removal, so a team of technicians will work on a 24-hour basis to pump out the water before drying the wet materials.

Degraded Materials Are Ripped From the Building

A lot of the moisture in a water-damaged building is removable with extraction machines, but when materials such as carpets, dry wall or floor tiles are degrading, the technicians will tear out the items for proper disposal at an off-site location. During the water-damage cleanup, the technicians will apply deodorizing chemicals to eliminate mildew odor along with cleansers that will destroy mold spores.

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