Even the most seasoned and knowledgeable homeowners can fall victim to water damage, especially because not all leaks are immediately noticeable. It could be a trickle under the sink in your bathroom upstairs, or it could be a slow drip from the ceiling in your attic. In the grand scheme of things, leaks of any size could turn into bigger problems for your property and home structure over time.

Water has a way of carving through foundation over years, so what began as a small patch job could turn into replacement and renovation of entire walls and floors.

How can you prevent water damage before your home springs a leak?

1. Do thorough checks of your entire home on a monthly basis

This is crucial especially after rainstorms. Make sure you check every nook and cranny and listen closely for dripping sounds. Regular checks of your home will help keep you familiar with the goings-on inside and outside of the house.

2. Perform regular checks and changes of plumbing hoses

Too many homeowners take the integrity of their plumbing for granted, but numerous loads of dishes and laundry in a week can cause severe wear to hoses over time. Upgrade at the first sign of a weak hose.

3. Don’t neglect your basement or attic

Most homeowners use their basements and attics for storage, which means these areas of the home can lie unseen for months at a time. Incorporate your basement and/or attic into your monthly water checks. Water damage, especially in a basement, could cause serious foundational cracks that threaten the strength of your house.

4. Make sure your homeowners or renter’s insurance will cover burst pipes

Water damage is second to fire in cases where homes were ruined or destroyed. Shell out for insurance on your residence to ensure you have a safety net in case your home needs professional work for water damage in Gilbert AZ.

Water damage is a common threat to Arizona homes, but most cases are preventable. Get to know your home to avoid becoming a victim of decay due to water damage.